Lost Arts Radio Show #14 – Special Guests Dr. Tim O’Shea & Roman Bystrianyk

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Guests Dr. Tim O’Shea and author Roman Bystrianyk: Real Vaccine Information And The Rise Of Medical Tyranny

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 4/11/15

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Tim O'SheaDr. Tim O’Shea (www.thedoctorwithin.com) is the author of Vaccination is Not Immunization, a spectacularly well-researched and elegantly written work on vaccination. The book addresses not only what vaccination really is and how it affects the body, but also the political and financial aspects of the vaccine industry and how it has become a threat to our health freedom and our children’s lives. Government has worked with industry to create a destructive machine, moving forward in the name of “science,” that is very difficult to stop. Dr. O’Shea gives us the details of how this has come about, and what this means for the health of our children and ourselves.

Roman BystrianykRoman Bystrianyk, with his co-author Dr. Suzanne Humphries, has also written a superb and comprehensive book on vaccination called Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History, a complete education for the reader in the realities of what vaccination is and what it does, with an emphasis on what the authors call “the forgotten history.” You need to be aware of what the history of vaccination really is before you bet the life of your child on the person or the government agency telling you that vaccination is absolutely “safe and effective.” The only thing wrong with this statement is that it is completely false. You need to know the facts in order to have true immunity from the intimidation of the medical authority figures of government, media and industry, who are quite willing to risk your life, for their own profit.

This Saturday, join Lost Arts radio host Richard Sacks in two no-holds barred conversations, spontaneous, and unscripted, with the authors of these two fantastic books. The inside truth about vaccination will come out in these discussions, and you need to be there, to make the right vaccination decisions for your kids and yourself, coming from a position of strength based on facts.

Lost Arts Radio invites you to spend this time with us, for our free health-related educational broadcasts, every week. Join host Richard Sacks for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss.

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