Lost Arts Radio Show #140 – Special Guest Michelle Rowton

NAMV Founder Michelle Rowton – Back To School Vaccinations: What’s In Them?

Lost Arts Radio Show on Monday 8/27/17

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Michelle Rowton

Kids are going back to school now, and most of them are being given injections of toxic chemical combinations with all kinds of damaging ingredients that not even most doctors, not to mention parents, are aware of. As a group, kids’ health is getting worse fast. Agencies that are supposedly devoted to our safety are allowing and actually promoting, in some cases requiring, that parents let total strangers not just touch their kids, but stick hollow needles into them and pump poisonous substances right into their blood streams without even saying to the parents what they contain. The fact that this goes on in the modern world and is fine with most parents is a testimony to the incredibly sophisticated programming which has taught us to blindly trust authority figures and government to our great harm, and most importantly, not to think.

This Sunday, Michelle Rowton, MSN, founding board member of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (www.namv.org – new website in development now), has agreed to come back to Lost Arts Radio to update us on what is in the vaccines, not just for kids but for everyone. This is absolutely critical information for all of our listeners, that should be strongly considered in the decision of whether or not to allow vaccination of ourselves or our children. It should be simply amazing to everyone that most medical personnel do not know or understand what they are injecting into trusting patients and now others walking into grocery and drug stores to get their shots, believing they will prevent disease.

Michelle has had a lot of first-hand experience in the neonatal ICU to observe what happens to babies and children who receive vaccinations. The more you are informed on these issues, the better decisions you can make. It’s one more example of the fact that in the kind of environment we’re dealing with every day, education is essential for taking care of yourself and your family. Since the real education is not generally available in schools, we have to provide it for ourselves. Lost Arts Radio is here to give you one more valuable tool to make that essential education easier to get.

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