Lost Arts Radio Show #150 – Special Guest Dr. Bill Warner

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Islam Expert Dr. Bill Warner: Levels of Jihad: How They Work

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/5/17

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Dr. Bill Warner

This week saw a spectacular Islamic attack in New York City, in which the Muslim terrorist driver of a rented truck was screaming “Allahu Akbar” after he ran over pedestrians on a crowded sidewalk. This kind of incident is happening with increasing frequency in America, and in what used to be western Europe. Then there is the recent mass murder in Las Vegas, for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Dark elements of our own government were clearly involved. So I thought it would be great if we could get Dr. Bill Warner (www.politicalislam.com) back on the show, to talk about the stages of Islamic takeover of countries, and how this relates to what we now see going on in the west.

Islam has become a useful tool of our global rulers. They want chaos to increase, so that we will beg for severe tyranny, to re-establish order after societies have been torn apart. Those in charge at the top levels don’t care about Islam, other than for its usefulness in creating terror and chaos, and for that, they will use the belief system for all it’s worth, discarding it when the job of destabilization is done.

Personally, what I would most like to see happen is harmony, peace, love and mutual respect between all people. If human beings to regain enough self-awareness, belief systems that tell them to condemn, hate or kill others will have no appeal at all, even if they claim to come straight from God. All of us have the built-in ability to tell light from dark, and we can re-connect to that ability. We just have to break our current programming. Self-destructive beliefs blind us to the greatest realizations in life. These start with rediscovering who we really are. It is the number one hidden secret which the global rulers are determined we should never uncover, as it would spell the end of their game. It is the one we need the most, if there is to be a future for life on our planet.

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