Lost Arts Radio Show #154 – Special Guest Ken Rohla

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Weaponized Frequency Countermeasures: Scalar Engineer/Health Teacher Ken Rohla

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/3/17

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Ken Rohla

This Sunday is a treat for us at Lost Arts Radio, as our friend Ken Rohla (www.freshandalive.com) returns to share with us his insights about what targeted individuals and the rest of us can do to help protect ourselves against attacks using negative frequency weapons. This kind of attack is being used against the general population by “private security companies” and other government contractors. Recently, Lost Arts Radio posted a video in which whistleblower Brian Kofron exposed the details you are never supposed to hear. He specifically explained his work inside a major security company in Seattle, Washington, that was experimenting on controlling the minds and emotions of millions of city residents.

Apparently, the government/corporate complex agreed with us that this video was legitimate, as it was pulled from YouTube and the entire channel was shut down (to protect you from fake news of course, right?). So we found another version of the same video, on another YouTube channel, and the same thing happened to that video and that YouTube channel. Clearly this is important information. We need to be aware of how these destructive programs are going on, and what we can do for protection against them.

My feeling was, from many years of my own experimental research, that the most powerful protection at our disposal is in the potential of consciousness itself, but also is enhanced by bringing our food intake and other lifestyle factors into harmony with nature. This unlocks our natural resistance to unfriendly frequencies of all kinds. I wanted to add Ken’s insights, to see if he agrees with me on this, and what he is doing with his own technologies, for additional protection in our homes and elsewhere. It’s always a fascinating discussion when Ken is on the show, and I hope you will come and enjoy it with us on Sunday.

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