Lost Arts Radio Show #168 – Special Guest Peter Valentino

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Returning Sanity To California Government: Candidate For Governor Peter Valentino

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/11/18

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Peter Valentino

Californians have been victimized, in recent years and up to the present, by the criminal actions of their governor Jerry Brown, along with similarly evil figures in the state legislature like senator Richard Pan and others. It does beg the question, how could Californians have voted for such evil “representatives?” In any case, these so-called public servants seem to be very focused on removing the individual freedoms that America is supposed to be based on, from the people they are supposed to represent in California. Many Americans are now aware that the California governor signed into law a bill (SB277) that made it illegal for children in the state to attend public or private school without first having their bodies injected with whatever toxic substances government may recommend, supposedly to prevent various diseases. This in spite of the obvious fact that children and others frequently get the diseases after the injections, and that the entire theory of vaccination is a malicious fraud and has been a fraud since Jenner first promoted the idea about 1799 in the U.K. (http://vaxxter.com/former-er-physician-sounds-alarm-vaccination-dangers/).

But forced vaccination is not the only crime being perpetrated against the people of California under Governor Brown. He recently signed into law a bill that removed the felony punishment for knowingly donated aids-tainted blood to blood banks (http://www.yournewswire.com/california-jerry-brown-hiv-blood/). There is no question that California has a major criminal serving as governor. The question rather is, will the voters of the state be intelligent enough to replace him with someone actually sane, or is Brown in office not due to voter stupidity but to systemic fraud in the voting system itself?

It appears now that there may be a chance this November for California residents, and everyone else, to find out. Independent candidate Peter Valentino (www.valentino4gov.org – coming soon, and Facebook – Valentino4Gov-CA) will be our guest on Lost Arts Radio this Sunday, to explain how he plans to help Californians get back their unalienable rights. Incredibly, Peter is a candidate that will speak openly about Agenda 21, how the assaults against our freedoms are tied together, and the dangerous irrelevance of party politics, as compared to just seeing and expressing whatever is true, in the interests of all of us.

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