Lost Arts Radio Show #218 – Special Guest Dave Hodges

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America’s Chances For Survival – The Common Sense Show’s Dave Hodges

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/24/19

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Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges created his remarkable platform, The Common Sense Show (www.thecommonsenseshow.com), to “Free America, one enslaved mind at a time.” The slogan has deep meaning. Freeing America would of course have worldwide significance by setting a powerful example for people everywhere (the best kind of foreign aid to every country, no theft of money from the citizens required). But the concept of enslaved minds being the basis for all slavery is also very significant. On a global scale, our top-level rulers know that if they ever let us become aware of who we really are and what we could do, their game of planetary destruction would be over. There is no way that our seemingly intimidating and powerful slave masters could ever match up to the positive healing power (healing in the broad, planetary sense of the word) that would be released into action if we, the people of America and the world, actually became self-aware. This is the biggest fear of those in the power structure that understand the truth. That’s why they have to keep us distracted and fighting each other, hating the lower level rulers, who themselves are victims of the real perpetrators. Those below the top level are generally lost in arrogance and feel they are invincible.

On Dave’s YouTube Channel, website and podcasts, he dares to go into news stories and investigations that explore the possibilities of human potential, as well as honest reporting of national and world events. Such real news sources are becoming even more valuable today, in the midst of intensifying censorship of any sites or channels that actually tell the truth. It is an honor to have Dave on our show, and I think you’ll want to be there for our free-ranging discussion into areas we’re not supposed to know about, and certainly not understand.

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