Lost Arts Radio Show #219 – Special Guest Paul Preston

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The New California Project with Paul Preston: Possible Cure For A State In Trouble

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/3/19

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Paul Preston

California is a wonderful state. To me, the state is not the government structure, it is the land, the natural resources and the people who live there. Most of my life was spent living in California. All kinds of people live there of course, but I always felt there was an energy of excitement, openness to new possibilities in the future, bright new ways of thinking and perceiving reality, an appreciation for the state’s incredible natural beauty. California was once much healthier than it was now. Compared to the situation there today, the people and even the government were relatively sane. I was in school there in the 50’s and 60’s. Education was at the highest level for American schools, economic status of the people was far higher and more comfortable, crime rates were much lower, firearms much easier to get, regulations far less, and people who lived there had a chance for a good life.

Today, many things about California are unrecognizable. The quality of education is gone. Schools are socialist brainwashing centers. They teach how to be blind to the ongoing destruction of society, how to believe everything should be free, how bigger government, total surveillance and control will keep us safe, how national sovereignty and health freedom are bad, how you should be disarmed for your own safety, how to be diverse and open to terrorism from gangs and religious fanatics, how to not know what gender you are, and how to be racist and sexist, while thinking you are fighting fascism. The state is in serious financial trouble, thanks government leaders who have done a great job destroying the economy. Taxes and regulations are at ridiculous levels, and the state government is in a state of insurrection against the US Constitution, protecting violent criminals and illegal aliens, who are actually encouraged to vote, so that the state’s suicide can proceed as planned. This situation is not good.

Some residents in the northern parts of the State have suggested breaking away into their own independent unit, leaving the rest of the state to continue its own destruction. Some have said its name will soon need to be changed to something more fitting, perhaps “Calizuela.” But educator and innovator Paul Preston (www.agenda21radio.news) had a better idea. Why not start a new state based on the American founding principles of freedom and a republican form of government (guaranteed by the US Constitution). New California would be America’s 51st state, and the remainder of the original California would still be there. A course would be set for it to also come back to economic and social health. See the plan in more detail at www.newcaliforniastate.com. No one would be left out of the overall plan to heal and reclaim one of the most beautiful and important parts of the U.S., leaving America as a whole stronger and healthier than it is now.

The idea is a win-win deal for everyone involved. What is more, it could be an example to the people of other parts of the country, and to some degree other parts of the world as well, to take hope and work for the rescuing of their own states along the same lines as the new California plan. Paul is working tirelessly to put the new plan into action and help it succeed. The idea of an America that is again a light to the rest of the world (the best kind of foreign aid) is worth supporting. Those powerful forces that want this beacon of freedom destroyed to bring in world tyranny and eventual destruction of life on our planet will not be supportive, to say the least. So it is that much more important that all of us who want a nation and a world based on freedom and values that support health and life, learn about this project and help it grow.

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