Lost Arts Radio Show #22 – Special Guests Ginger Taylor and Paul Gautschi

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Ginger Taylor of Health Choice and Paul Gautschi from the film Back to Eden

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 6/6/15

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Ginger TaylorThis Saturday’s super double-feature show starts off with an in-depth discussion with a great vaccine choice and health freedom advocate. Ginger Taylor of Health Choice¬†(www.healthchoice.org) is an author, speaker, new media writer and activist. She blogs on the politics of autism, health, vaccination, informed consent and both corporate and government corruption. Ginger was honored with the Health Freedom Hero Award for 2014 from the National Health Federation for her work on health choice and parental rights. She will discuss with us the current situation in the campaign toward global forced vaccination, in her own state of Maine and across the country, as well as her work for health freedom. The work of Ginger and others is especially important right now, as California and other states’ “leaders” are working as hard as they can to take away your right to choose whether or not you will be injected with any chemical cocktail recommended by U.S. Government agencies. Because government has begun a focused and continuing effort to move us into forced vaccination, and vaccine companies are developing hundreds of new vaccines they can give us with no liability if we are killed or disabled by their products, all those working to defend us against this tyranny need our full support. Our children are targeted as their first victims, and then the adults are next.

Paul GautschiThen for the second part of this week’s show, we will talk with Paul Gautschi, star of the film Back to Eden. This incredible movie (www.backtoedenfilm.com) showcases a new, but very old and basic, way to produce some of the highest quality fresh food on the planet. There’s a good chance you can do it yourself to some degree wherever you may live, even in cities, and you can do it even in a planting box on concrete, or on a roof.

Ending GMOs (not just labeling them, which is not enough) will not ultimately help us UNLESS we create a true renaissance of new small family farms, that are organic in the true sense of the word, worldwide, and we have to do it right now, no more waiting.

There are many reasons this is a true top priority. Not the least of these is that as the power structure moves toward completion of its plan to totally destroy the economy in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, a means of producing real food, and therefore negotiable items for local trade, must appear immediately or many more people than necessary will die.

Because of the vital nature of this issue, that is discussed almost nowhere compared to the many discussions occurring on GMOs and farming with poisons, this episode with Paul Gautschi will be the first of a series, and he will be back again soon to answer questions from interested Lost Arts Radio listeners. Email your questions for Paul’s next visit to us at richard@globalleadersconsulting.com.

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