Lost Arts Radio Show #220 – Special Guest Alan Phillips, J.D.

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N.C.’s Bar Attacks Health Freedom Information: Targeting Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/10/19

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Alan Phillips, J.D.

Alan Phillips has talked about health freedom before, as a guest on Lost Arts Radio (https://youtu.be/LiLawleH2k8). Since that time, censorship in both social media and main stream corporate media has been steadily increasing, to the point where now some states like California, a national leader in new levels of oppression, are progressing toward making any real information that is critical of vaccines impossible to find. At the same time, vaccine companies and their government agency partners are showing signs of targeting the extremely large and lucrative adult vaccine market with mandatory shots for all adults.

Hundreds of vaccines are in development that could be mandated by state governments at any time. This would not only be an additional bonanza for the vaccine industry, which has no liability if you or your family members are injured or killed by their products, but it would certainly be appreciated by our global rulers, who need medical ways to keep us not only too sick to resist their programs, but also too mentally compromised to even know they are going on. Vaccines are a great solution to both of these needs, to keep us under control.

Now, apparently realizing the effectiveness of Alan’s educational work showing what vaccines contain and what they do to our bodies (no, they don’t create immunity), the North Carolina Bar is attacking Alan directly. It is ordering him to turn over to them the private records of his clients, or face retribution, possibly prison. This is illegal and unconstitutional, and as an attorney well versed in these issues, Alan is preparing the legal counterattack, so that such abuses do not continue against those who are brave enough to tell the truth. Massive public outcry directed against the North Carolina Bar is needed immediately, and I’m hoping that Alan’s visit with us this Sunday will inspire you to support his efforts. To learn more, visit www.barwatchonline.org, and communicate directly via email address defendalan@protonmail.com. Be sure not to miss our discussion with Alan this Sunday, or as soon as you get a chance to watch the archive. Finally remember to use our new censorship-free channel at www.brighteon.com/channel/lostartsradio.

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