Lost Arts Radio Show #224 – Special Guest Mark Steele

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5G Critical Test Case In The UK: Mark Steele Fights For All Biological Life On Earth

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Mark Steele

Mark Steele, founder of Save Us Now (www.saveusnow.org.uk), has taken a stand on behalf of humanity, against 5G in the UK, and has begun a test case to see if a local government can be stopped from rolling out the 5G system over the legal argument his team is raising. He intends to set a precedent that can be built on all over England and in other parts of the world. Mark understands that 5G is nothing more nor less than a deadly weapon system. Its target is humanity and all biological life on our planet.

In the US, the federal and state governments have declared that, no matter what happens to people as a result of 5G, as long as its installation and operation complies with FCC regulations, which are totally misleading and based on corrupt non-science, then people who are harmed by this technology (in other words, all of us) are not allowed to complain based on health effects the system causes. Most people I have spoken with just accept this, and see nothing wrong with this picture, or they are totally oblivious to the nature 5G frequency and the technology that will produce it. They are not aware that there is any danger.

Service providers are telling their customers it is a safe and wonderful technological advance, and there is no danger as long as FCC approves it. In other words, the usual deadly nonsense from agencies that have sold out and become business partners with the industries they pretend to regulate.

If you are interested in what 5G really is, as well as what might actually be done to stop it from decimating all forms of biological life, you’ll want to sit in with me on this discussion with Mark Steele. What he is doing is something you will want to know about, and perhaps directly support. It should be an incredible discussion, inspirational and educational for all of us.

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