Lost Arts Radio Show #230 – Miste Karlfeldt, Ashley Everly, Sarah Clendenon

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Health Freedom Idaho Panel Discussion: Learn The Real Science Of Vaccination

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/19/19

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Miste Karlfeldt

Health Freedom Idaho founder Miste Karlfeldt (www.healthfreedomidaho.org) was recently on Lost Arts Radio, as part of a panel discussing the dangers of the coming 5G system. We asked Miste to come back on the show to talk about another focus of Health Freedom Idaho, the subject of vaccination, with a panel of her choice. This Sunday that will happen. Miste brings with her Health Freedom Idaho consultant Ashley Everly (www.vaccine.guide), who holds a degree in environmental toxicology and has been focused on vaccine research for the last 8 years, and Sarah Clendenon, who works with Health Freedom Idaho analyzing legislation that impacts health freedom.Ashley Everly

With the intensifying calls to eliminate all vaccine exemptions in many states around America and in other countries as well, there is a strong polarization between those who support and those who oppose forced vaccinations. Vaccines are called by many doctors, bureaucrats and scientists, the greatest medical discovery in the last 200 years. Some people who favor mandatory vaccinations agree, and go further, saying those who oppose forced vaccination are responsible for ruining herd immunity and putting lives at risk. On the other hand, many parents of vaccine-injured children point out that vaccines are not safe, they often do not prevent disease, and they have damaging side effects.Sarah Clendenon

What is the truth? Real science is supposed to question everything, including the latest findings on every subject, looking for errors and corrections to make, in what is believed to be true. As soon as we claim that the science on any subject is “settled,” we are no longer talking about science. This Sunday’s guests will discuss vaccines from a scientific point of view, looking for the truth. Any honest talk of vaccination pros and cons may soon be illegal on social media, or even major corporate television and print platforms. This is a good time to talk about a highly controversial topic with those in a position to speak intelligently on it, while they still can. You won’t want to miss it.

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