Lost Arts Radio Show #232 – Special Guest Ilana Rubel

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Hemp Truckers Wrongfully Accused: Idaho State Legislator Ilana Rubel

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/2/19

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Ilana Rubel

Recently, there have been three separate incidents of young truck drivers arrested and their trucks and cargos stolen (polite term: “civil asset forfeiture”) by state authorities in Idaho. The crime of these drivers? Transporting cargoes of industrial hemp. Hemp looks like, and is related to, marijuana. So even though it does not function as a drug, and does not contain enough of marijuana’s active ingredient to produce the characteristic ‘high’ pot smokers are addicted to, Idaho law says it’s an illegal drug. So the lives of these drivers are being ruined. The real crime here is persecution under color of law, not driving truckloads of industrial hemp. That “crime” has no victim, and is not a crime, irrational laws not withstanding.

At the federal level, classification of hemp as a drug has been corrected, and the process of changing regulations is happening now. But not in time to save these three young truck drivers from having the state destroy their lives. This is an example of what can happen when “rule of law” is applied viciously with no wisdom or discretion as to what makes sense in each unique situation. There is one option still open for a short time, thanks to Idaho Representative Ilana Rubel.

Ilana started a petition to the prosecutor in this case, named Jan Bennetts, asking her to drop all charges against these innocent victims of misapplied “justice.” Although the judge in the case has no option but to impose prison sentences on the three victims of 5 years or more (due to absurd minimum sentencing requirements), the prosecutor could save three lives by dropping all charges, which really should come with deep apologies and the return of the trucks and cargoes.

As a Lost Arts Radio listener, you can help by signing Ilana’s petition, linked above. Also email or call the Prosecutor in the case, Jan Bennetts. RESPECTFULLY and politely let her know that she has a great opportunity to set an example of wisdom for other prosecutors everywhere. All she has to do is announce that the cargo is not a drug in any real sense, the laws are being changed soon to reflect that and already have been at the federal level, therefore no crime has been committed, and she is DROPPING ALL CHARGES. We need thousands of you to send this clear message right away. Sentencing of these three innocent victims is soon, we need to stop that from ever happening. Jan Bennetts’ email address is jbennetts@adacounty.id.gov. Her office phone number is 208-287-7700.

We are grateful to Representative Ilana Rubel (www.rubelforidaho.com), Democrat in the State Legislature from District 18, who has shown the courage and clarity of vision to address this urgent issue, start this petition and work on removing minimum sentencing laws and civil asset forfeiture from the Idaho codes. And to make it even better, you get to meet Representative Rubel on this Sunday’s show.

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