Lost Arts Radio Show #34 – Special Guests Heather Scott and Richard Mack

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Getting inside the system, with State Representative Heather Scott

Bringing freedom back to America with Sheriff Richard Mack

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 8/29/15

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Heather ScottThe real news of what is going on in America is not all bad. Yes, it is true that government at all levels has become infiltrated with people that are more than happy to serve a corrupt system that enslaves the people and gradually destroys them, as long as they can feel important and be well-paid for their betrayal of trust. But at the same time there are those who are doing what they can to bring honesty and honor back into government and turn it back into a true servant of the people according to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They are setting an example that each of us can follow in our own way. Two of those people are with on us this show. There is so much value in these discussions, you may want to listen to them more than once.

Heather Scott (www.repheatherscott.com), along with Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler and Washington State representative Matt Shea, came to the attention of Lost Arts radio recently when they stood up against the harassment of a man in her district by Veterans Administration agents (article), who wanted to strip this citizen of his unalienable 2nd Amendment rights because he had suffered a stroke. This is part of the creeping infringement of 2nd Amendment rights by a government that wants to use any excuse possible to disarm American citizens, a step which historically always precedes much more serious tyranny and government crimes against the people. We get a chance on this week’s show to find out first hand from Representative Heather Scott what it is really like when honest and courageous people get into government for the right reasons, and what it’s really like on the inside. After hearing from Heather, you or someone you know might want to do the same. Plus, Heather gives us her suggestions for how we can work with our current representatives to help them remember their oaths of office plus what that means for the decisions they are making that affect our lives every day.

Richard MackOn this show we also get a rare chance to speak with Sheriff Richard Mack (www.cspoa.org), on how he went from the beginning of his career in law enforcement, to a clear understanding of what needs to change in how that profession serves the people and honors its oath to the U.S. Constitution. Sheriff Mack shares with us how he came to start the great organization called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (see all their videos on YouTube), and the inspirational work being done by CSPOA members all over America. All of us are needed to support this great effort at turning America back to an actual land of freedom and honor. If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing Sheriff Mack talk yet, you are in for a treat with this show. If you have heard him, you know how inspirational his historical commentary and his insights can be on the real function of law enforcement (listen to what he says regarding “stupid laws”), so you know what a great show this is going to be.

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