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What Happens After The Audits? Can A Fake President Stay In Office? A Discussion With J.B. Williams

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/27/21

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This question is very high priority for the American people at this particular time in history. In November of 2020, incumbent president Donald Trump won a huge landslide victory for a second term, but his opponent was installed into office instead, along with a Vice President who also did not win the election. We know this for many reasons. For one thing, there was no comparison in the levels of public enthusiasm for the two tickets. Trump-Pence rallies were not even able to accommodate the number of excited supporters who wanted to get in, and tens of thousands typically had to listen from outside the venue. There was a major Biden-Harris Rally scheduled and held in Phoenix, Arizona, and no one but the candidates’ staff and security even showed up. This was representative of the comparative support shown during the whole campaign.

The Democrat party also pushed very hard, both against voter I.D. requirements, and for massive numbers of extra mail-in ballots to be sent out to their constituents, inviting easy fraud with inadequate validation of signatures. On election night, anyone who was watching got to see the coordinated, criminal behavior of many key vote-counting facilities. President Trump was ahead substantially almost everywhere as the day was ending, so precincts shut down, covered their windows, brought in truckloads of extra ballots, almost all for Biden, and declared the results were all reversed, Biden had won. Many of the ballots were shown to be filled out by machines, not humans, including “mail-in” ballots that showed no sign of ever being folded.

Since Biden and Harris have been in office, functioning as if they had been elected, massive damage has been done to the country, including opening up the borders and inviting hordes of illegal immigrants to flood in, undoing of most of the positive programs Trump had started, shutdown of key American energy production, disgraceful ineptitude in foreign relations, and much more.

Of course, it is a given that Trump committed a terrible crime against Americans and all humanity, by handing the country over to vicious criminals to steal everyone’s freedoms, shut down our economy and energy production, and destroy the value of our money, all in the name of “health.” He owes us all a massive apology and correction of course, to make up for the damage he set in motion with Warp Speed, and falling for the fake “pandemic” and deadly vaccines.

But the fact is, Trump is still President. Unfortunately, the traitor Pence is also still Vice-President. Many now in Congress and state legislators are also there by fraud. If the audits manage to survive the criminal attacks by Democrats and Biden’s DOJ, what can be done to remedy the situation?

I was hoping J.B. Williams (www.northamericanlawcenter.org) would be willing to come back to the show again and discuss this critical issue. The incredible, coordinated, criminal, mafia network that has taken over America cannot be allowed to continue the agenda of destruction, and the millions who have fallen deeply into mental illness, supporting the network or just believing its lies, must be waken up and healed. This is what we’ll talk about on Sunday.

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