Lost Arts Radio Show #361 – Special Guest KrisAnne Hall

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Reclaiming America From Darkness – Author, Teacher, Attorney KrisAnne Hall

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/21/21

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KrisAnne Hall

To most of us involved in the contest to bring liberty and a truly pro-life attitude back to our world before it becomes too late to reverse the coordinated global assault on humanity and all life on our planet, the name KrisAnne Hall is already known (www.krisannehall.com). KrisAnne is an outspoken champion of liberty, which she differentiates from unrestrained freedom, explaining that liberty, which is freedom plus morality, is the Natural Right of people everywhere. America is a special case because our founders put this principle into the original documents of the new country. Not because Natural Rights belong only to Americans, but because all of us, no matter where we live, have the same unalienable Natural Rights from God. Governments exist to secure those individual rights, and are created by the people to do that. When they fail to do so, the American founders said in the Declaration of Independence that the people, whose consent is required for legitimate governments to exist, have a duty to replace them with governments that will stay in their place, within bounds of a correctly-written Constitution, and do their job.

KrisAnne, the author of six books on U.S. history and the Constitution, is an attorney who worked as Florida state prosecutor for almost ten years, and has done extensive legal defense work for people who found themselves the targets of unlawful arrest and prosecution. But unlike so many attorneys we see arguing in favor of whoever will hire them, even using deception to win a case for a guilty client, KrisAnne Hall is proof that attorneys or anyone else of sufficient courage can put principle first. Attorneys could all be making a great contribution to the future of our world by following KrisAnne’s example.

KrisAnne knows that the people of America, like the populations of countries all over the world, cannot regain the morality required to win back liberty from a criminal government without the essential element of education. That means real education, not what is currently taught in the government indoctrination centers we have now, ruining the minds, poisoning the character and destroying the common sense of students from pre-school to M.D. / Ph.D level students in America and many parts of the world. So, KrisAnne Hall has created Liberty First Society to offer courses available online to any of us willing to take responsibility for our own learning (www.libertyfirstsociety.com). In addition, to specifically address the action needed to save America and other countries from the deadly tyranny facing the world today, she also has a powerful documentary which is available free at www.noncompliantmovie.com. Our discussion this Sunday is one I’ve waited five years to have with KrisAnne, and I hope you’ll be there to enjoy it with us.

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