Disturbing: Phrase “Died Suddenly” Sharply Trends Upward Following Vaccine Rollout

Disconcerting trend in recent months links rise in sudden deaths to Covid-19 vaccine.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Evidently, the term “died suddenly” has seen a rise in popularity in recent months, which could be attributed to users researching the term, or the term being more widely used on web pages.


The disturbing trend can be observed by using Google’s news search and Trends tool, which allows internet users to see the popularity of web searches and terms.

The trend prompted Google users to undertake their own investigations, done simply by typing the term “died suddenly” on Google News.

Alarmingly, the search brings up a long and worrisome list of people who have recently met untimely demises, mostly of unexpected, or unexplained causes. Often the deaths are attributed to pulmonary, or coronary issues, both of which arise as side effects of the mRNA jabs.










Skeptics are also being encouraged to conduct their own research using Google News.


The sudden deaths are widely believed to be correlated to the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines and imposition of vaccine mandates.

Data compiled across several countries by a YouTube video producer showed a sharp rise in deaths just as the experimental vaccines were rolled out.


Infowars has certainly observed an uptick in articles concerning people who “died suddenly” following Covid-19 injections.”

Here are just a few “died suddenly” articles from this year:

• Cardiologist Who Vowed Not to Cry for Unvaccinated Deaths Dies in Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Jab

• Popular Indian Actor Who Suddenly Died of Heart Attack Had Taken Covid Vaccine

• Radio Legend Dies “Suddenly” Two Months After Second Covid Jab

• Healthy Athletes Suddenly Fall Ill, Die After Forced Covid Injection – And The Media’s Silent

• Vax-Obsessed Med Student Dies Suddenly Weeks After Second COVID Jab

• Over The Past Week, 5 Republican Lawmakers Have Suddenly Died





Source: www.newswars.com/disturbing-phrase-died-suddenly-sharply-trends-upward-following-vaccine-rollout/


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