Lost Arts Radio Show #364 – Special Guest Dr. Lee Merritt

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Global Insanity Pandemic Intensifies – The Disease & The Cure, With Dr. Lee Merritt

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/12/21

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Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr Lee Merritt, M.D. (www.themedicalrebel.com) , was a physician and surgeon in the U.S. Navy for nine years, and has been in private practice as an orthopedic and spinal surgeon since 1995. Some of her long list of honors and accomplishments, along with videos and information about her work, can be found at her site, www.drleemerritt.com. But in my view, Dr. Merritt’s many great achievements and intelligence are vastly more powerful assets in the campaign to heal our world, because she has also managed to come through extensive training and hard experience with common sense, clear perception and humanity intact and healthy. Many who go through medical school, Ph.D school and other forms of higher education have, unfortunately not been able to do that, and instead have thoroughly learned to memorize and repeat whatever authorities and official agencies tell them to think and believe.

So, that means an acclaimed medical doctor like Dr. Merritt sees through the mind-control that has made possible a program of global enslavement with the totally fake “pandemic” of COVID-19. This Sunday, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics including the fake PCR “test,” the total lack of any evidence that a SARS Cov-2 virus (or any so-called “variant”) exists in real life, the deadly vaccine that does not prevent COVID-19 or any other disease and is being forced on people worldwide including children, and many more issues including what is the motive of our rulers behind this genocidal scam.

We are living in a time where the dark forces are ramping up their programs of death, and it’s easy to get discouraged in conditions like we see around us now. It can seem to a clear observer that life has no hope when evil has worked its way into almost all the positions of power from international to local levels. At a time like this, any source of encouragement is of great value. Dr. Lee Merritt and inspirational leaders like her are such sources, and serve as a reminder that we have many great individuals among us, we just don’t see them much on mainstream media, but they are there, and they are many, in all parts of the world. Sunday, we will be looking at our current world situation and how to help build a new civilization based on beauty, truth and freedom, before the ashes of the old one are on the ground. We need you with us to build the new world. I hope we’ll see you there this weekend, to share the inspiration of Dr. Merritt’s return visit to Lost Arts Radio.

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