Lost Arts Radio Show #377 – Special Guest Melissa Tate

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“White Privilege” Is Racist Nonsense – Your Choices Have Power: Meet Melissa Tate

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/13/22

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Melissa Tate

Author Melissa Tate (www.realmelissatate.com) (https://www.bitchute.com/video/Kgue0CIqz9OQ/) has courageously exposed the myth of “white privilege” in her book on the subject (https://www.amazon.com/Choice-Privilege-Whats-Race-Got/dp/1662800746) and in her own life. Born in Zimbabwe, she saw her beautiful and prosperous country fall under to the assault of a communist regime. She is now watching the same process take place in her present home country called the United States of America, and is warning all USA citizens that their nation is being stolen by criminals who have taken control of most government and corporate positions of power, in America and worldwide.

Melissa was born a black African and came to America with almost no money. According to the communist/globalist narrative, she had nothing to look forward to except to be oppressed by white people, and live destitute and hopeless in a country of institutionalized racism. Instead, she got a job, went to school, established a successful company, got married, started a family and wrote a book warning the rest of us not to fall for the lies, and to realize we create our own privileges (or enslavement) by the choices we make.

Racism against people of any nationality or ethnic group is so absurd, it is a wonder anyone would ever fall into that ridiculous mindset. We are creatures of formless spirit, temporarily inhabiting “physical” costumes for a brief period to experience life in this 3-D world, where Melissa explains we create our own privileges or misery by the attitudes we allow into our minds. Why would spiritual beings, brothers and sisters made of the same essence of consciousness, look down on each other because of the differences in the costumes they wear?

The rulers of our world and our criminal media like to use this tendency against us. At the present time, they are promoting the belief that people with light colored skin are evil and people with dark skin are oppressed victims. The only reason any of us fall for it is if we are walking around like unconscious zombies. Why not break out of the trance, love and appreciate each other, instead of believing in division by “race.” Melissa says create your own privilege, and she’ll be on the show this weekend, inspiring us all to do exactly that.

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