Lost Arts Radio Show #52 – Special Guest Dr. Steven Greer (Part 1 of 2)

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Inside Workings of the Secret Government with Dr. Steven Greer (Part 1)

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 1/9/16

Dr. Steven GreerThis week’s show marks the last day of Lost Arts Radio’s first year of operations, having started broadcasting January 10, 2015. We want to thank our listeners from all over the world, for making our efforts to spread educational information on all aspects of health so successful. It has been very rewarding to host the long train of world-class guests that have come on the show since the very first broadcast, and we plan to bring you more of the most amazingly educational shows possible, for our next year and beyond, as long as we are blessed to be able to continue this service and learn along with you from all the great people who share their knowledge and experience with us.

This week, we are taking a step into territory many might consider too far out of the box of conventional thinking, even for health and freedom advocates that are more than adventurous in most areas of knowledge. Our commitment is to finding out whatever is true, not sticking to whatever points of view may be most popular at the time, or to please any particular group. Anything less would be shirking our responsibility to you as a listener to our shows.

Dr. Steven Greer (www.siriusdisclosure.com), has been a dedicated researcher of UFO phenomena for over 25 years. He has taken a unique approach to his investigation. He does not spread rumors, but takes the attitude that used to be the hallmark of real science, not the corrupted kind that just serves industry interests that is so rampant today. Leaving his successful career as an emergency room doctor, he went right to those at the highest levels of government who were willing to risk their reputations (and often their lives) to tell him what they saw themselves first-hand. In this way, he collected a mountain of highly credible evidence from trusted sources, and gradually put together a picture of what the hidden levels of government are really doing in the areas of UFO technology and interaction. This includes shooting down craft that the public is supposed to believe do not exist, reverse engineering captured technology from such incidents, and tasking Hollywood with the job of making the entire subject into something for which anyone seriously looking at it will be ridiculed and lose credibility. This has been very effective over the years in scaring away most real investigation of what is actually going on, not only with known government officials, but with those who tell them what to do, and not do, from behind the scenes. For those who continue to investigate and do not get discouraged by ridicule, more aggressive measures are used to stop their inquiries.

Dr. Greer, risking his life every day to continue this project, explains the reality that the entire UFO matter has been more highly classified than was the H-Bomb project in the 1950’s, and he tells us why. He also explains that petroleum-based technology has not been needed since the early 20th Century, and other technologies like the commercial aircraft we travel in and the rockets used by NASA, are archaic modes of transportation that were superseded decades ago. But we were kept out of the loop, for reasons those of us familiar with the true character of our government today will find easy to understand.

Those of us who do not want humanity and the entire biosphere of planet Earth destroyed by the actions of our criminal “leaders” have an obligation to be true investigator scientists, taking our own self-education as far as we can in order to be more useful in our individual contributions to the healing of the world around us, one moment of our lives at a time.

This is part one of a two-part presentation recorded by Dr. Greer, and we urge you to look further into his courageous work and let others who are brave enough to learn from it, find out more and participate if they wish to see it succeed. We are currently attempting to get Dr. Greer on our show in a “live” recording session. He is difficult to reach, but if it is meant to happen, and we hope it will, you will get the opportunity to hear that discussion. Thanks again for being the most important part of our first year.

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