Lost Arts Radio Show #54 – Special Guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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More on Toxic Synergy: Lesson 2 With Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 1/23/16

Dr. Gabriel CousensThis week, our friend and esteemed guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens (www.treeoflifecenterus.com) returns to continue the series of lessons in health and life that he has initiated on a monthly basis on Lost Arts Radio. Last month, in the first installment of the series, we began a discussion of toxic synergy, which is the phenomenon of interaction between toxins that get into our bodies. When we are exposed to multiple toxic substances, they often interact and the combined damage can be much worse than the sum of the toxic effects of each of the two poisons. We went into this with Dr. Cousens in depth in last month’s lesson, and spent a lot of time on vaccines, since they are a source of multiple toxins and are doing vast damage to humanity worldwide, while we are told the lie that the deadly effects of vaccines are very rare events, which is the opposite of the truth. We also got into the GMO issue in considerable depth.

In this second installment, we learn more from Dr. Cousens on toxic synergy in general, and on the effects of specific antigens like gluten and others. At Lost Arts Radio, we hope that shows like the ones with Dr. Cousens will add to your own program of self-education, so that we can all maximize our awareness of what is going on around us, as well as inside us, and make our efforts to contribute to a better world that much more effective.

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