Lost Arts Radio Show #59 – Special Guests Francis Boyle and Elbert Guillory

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The Zika Virus a Bioweapon? with Dr. Francis Boyle and Great People in Government with Senator Elbert Guillory

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 2/27/16

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Francis BoyleDr. Francis A. Boyle, attorney and professor at the University of Illinois (https://www.law.illinois.edu/faculty/profile/FrancisBoyle), is one of those amazing people who has gone through the advanced levels of higher education winning many high honors for exceptional achievement, getting his J.D. law degree plus a Ph.D in political science, and still kept his common sense, wisdom and care for humanity fully intact. He has worked on many human rights projects around the world, lectured in many countries, been instrumental in working to prevent nuclear and biological war, and is the author of many books, which can be seen by putting his name into a search engine. He has been a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ great daily news, current events and historical education show which we have been recommending to our listeners for a long time (www.prisonplanet.tv), and has agreed to come talk with us on Lost Arts Radio for this Saturday’s show.

Professor Boyle has many areas of expertise, which include bioweapons. He believes the Zika crisis is a bioweapons project, the result of genetic engineering of mosquitoes in South America with specific purposes in mind. We are going to hear from him about the context and scope of what he believes the project really involves. This is a rare chance to talk with a guest of Dr. Boyle’s stature, and get an exposure to a perspective on the whole Zika affair that is coming from a place of unusual expertise.

Elbert Guillory

After Dr. Boyle leaves us, we have the privilege of a visit from one of the stars in modern politics. We noticed Elbert Guillory (www.elbertguillory.com), a Senator in the State of Louisiana, as part of our ongoing search for great people of exceptional character in positions of political power. In other words, this week we get a rare chance to visit in depth with a state Senator, who was actually there to serve the people of his state (his term very recently ended), and he is now running for the U.S. Congress with the same goal, this time to be of service to all of the American people, and indirectly to the rest of the world as well. He is there for the reasons that really should motivate all public servants in government.

Elbert Guillory has had an amazing career to this point in his life, and has overcome hardships and challenges in ways that should inspire us all and remind us we can do anything we decide to achieve. He is now aiming to go even farther, and put an honest voice into the Congress, in the midst of the “challenging” environment of Washington D.C. We believe you will see why Lost Arts Radio completely supports Mr. Guillory both as a human being, for all he is and has done, and also for the clarity and good character he intends to bring to Congress. We think you will be inspired and refreshed by his story, and maybe even get a vision of what government could be, as an honest servant of the people, protecting our individual freedoms as our founders originally intended. Listen to Elbert Guillory’s great story, and then if you agree with us, see what you can do, no matter where you may live, to support his campaign.

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