Lost Arts Radio Show #65 – Special Guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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The Drugging of America: Lesson 5 with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 4/10/16

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Dr. Gabriel Cousens

This week, Dr. Gabriel Cousens (www.treeoflifecenterus.com), brilliant holistic medical doctor, returns to Lost Arts Radio to take up again where we left off after our discussion of “Toxic Synergy.” We now delve into the incredible program that is already far advanced in America, to get as many of us addicted to damaging or deadly medical drugs as possible. Dr. Cousens runs through many of the staggering statistics that point out exactly how serious the situation has become, and explains the mindset that says medical drugs are the pathway to health, even though the opposite should be extremely clear to any sensible observer who can still think clearly. The problem is that as a society, we obviously no longer think clearly, and are engaged in an array of suicidal behaviors that need to change very soon if we are to have a chance to survive. The Drugging of America is an incredible presentation and discussion, that shows in unmistakable terms how drugs are bringing us to total ruin, with the full complicity of our government and medical industry.

Thanks to a small minority of aware medical doctors, along with other natural healing teachers and practitioners from many schools of thought, practical alternatives to pursue instead of drugs and with much better results, are available to us right now. If we want to avoid becoming a nation and a world of drugged and incapacitated zombies, we need to take this warning presentation seriously, and each of us personally do what we can to bring our health back with natural means to its true normal state. Then we can use our new-found energy and clarity to become much more effective in what we need to accomplish in our lives.

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