Lost Arts Radio Show #73 – Special Guest Dr. Bill Warner

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Islam 101 with Dr. Bill Warner

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/19/16

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On Lost Arts Radio, we are focused on real health education for all of our listeners. This includes many areas of investigation where accurate knowledge is very hard to come by, in societies dominated by the drug-centered medical industry and its government agency partners, whose main goals are to increase the industry profits and the agendas of those in control of government. These goals are not attained by allowing real health information into the hands of the public. Our shows cover natural approaches to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is clear that there is very little in our world that is not in some way related to our health, and especially now, that definitely includes Islam and what is occurring with mass Muslim immigration across the western world.

When we see that just about everything affects our health in some way, this is certainly true in the economic and political realms. At the present time, those who control the U.S. and European governments are running programs to bring in large numbers of immigrants, bypassing the normal immigration process. It is known that significant numbers of these immigrants are terrorists who intend to destroy western culture and replace it with their own. Our leaders know this. It can be witnessed by anyone paying attention to what is going on, who gets access to raw video footage and local reports on this ongoing invasion that is supported by those who run the countries being invaded. The well being of the populations of those countries has been abandoned by their “leaders.”

Almost all of the invading immigrants who are committing violent crimes are Muslim, and many are openly declaring their crimes to be for Allah. In this kind of situation, it has become imperative for Americans, Europeans, certainly all Muslims and others, to understand what is really going on. It would not really be possible to acquire this clear vision, without an in-depth understanding of Islam, its history, philosophy, political agenda and beliefs.

When I first realized we were in immediate need of accurate education in this area, I went to several Muslim friends, to ask them or anyone they knew within their communities, expert in Islam, to come on the show and teach our listeners at least the basics of what Islam really is. All of them were too scared to do that on the air. I later found out why. They were afraid of retribution from other Muslims, especially Muslim leaders, for saying anything, even if accurate, that could possibly be construed as shedding a bad light on Islam.

Dr. Bill Warner

My next best option was to find a non-Muslim who had the necessary expertise. I was incredibly fortune to find Dr. Bill Warner, director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (www.politicalislam.com), and to get him to agree to give us the education we wanted. Dr. Warner, who has written 12 books on Islam is an international speaker on Islamic doctrine and history, and also developed the first self-study course on Islam. He is an authority on all three major books of Islam, the Sira, the Hadith and the Koran. In this Sunday’s show, we have the great privilege of sitting down with Dr. Warner to discuss a wide range of subjects from Islamic history and current events, so we can begin to better understand what is now occurring with the mass migration of Muslims to Europe and the U.S., and why we are seeing the rampant violent crime that is happening at the hands of those same immigrants as they enter western countries.

Our leaders would prefer that we see no connections between the teachings of Islam and the actions of terrorists, but this is not reasonable or honest. As far as I can see, all of us are just human beings. Usually when we abuse each other, it is due to belief systems or mental programming that we allow to override what should be common sense and natural respect for each other. Muslims and non-Muslims are human beings, and therefore deeply related to each other. This would be immediately recognized if somehow all systems of belief could be suspended. Such a fantasy calls to mind John Lennon’s song “Imagine.”

Belief systems can bring out the best or worst in us. If we want the future of humanity to be bright and positive, we have to treat each other with respect and love. Violence and hatred are not a viable path for us at this late stage in the game. Whatever course we take in our lives, if it is based on realistic education and knowledge, our chances for a positive future are better. Join me for what promises to be an incredible exchange and a great educational event, Sunday evening 6/19 at the usual show time, 9pm EST / 6pm PST. Let’s drop our preconceptions and at least start to learn what Islam is all about.

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