Lost Arts Radio Show #87 – Special Guest Aynaz Anni Cyrus

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Aynaz Cyrus: Escape From Islam The Real Story

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 9/25/16

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Aynaz Anni CyrusBefore Lost Arts Radio learned of Dr. Warner’s ground-breaking work in making the teachings of Islam clear, understandable and verifiable for the general public, I tried for months to get any prominent Muslim leader to come on our show, and help us get to the bottom of what the teachings of Islam really are. To a person, everyone I asked was too afraid to discuss this subject on the air. The atmosphere of fear and the threat of violence that haunts anyone who even thinks of exposing the reality of the teachings of Islam is impressive. Dr. Warner did an incredible, service breaking down the writings of the three Muslim scriptures, with exhaustive references to the original texts, so there is no longer a reason for anyone interested in understanding Islam to be unable to do so.

But still, there was no one born into the Muslim religion, and fluent in its teachings, willing to help us see Islam from the inside. None of the Muslims I invited to talk with us had enough courage to discuss what Mohammed really taught, on behalf of Allah, for fear of reprisal. Until now.

Aynaz Cyrus (“Anni” to many of her western friends) (www.liveuptofreedom.com) (www.facebook.com/aynazcyrus) was born into Islam and sold into child marriage when she was 13. Abused by her new owner, she sought help in the Iranian courts, and was sent back into captivity. She had already been proven a rebel as a younger child, and was arrested multiple times for the most serious of crimes, such as wearing nail polish in public, with no concern for the massive harm to society her actions could cause. Through a series of amazing and fortunate events, Aynaz escaped Iran, eventually getting to the U.S. She knows the reality of what Islam really teaches and requires. While most U.S. Muslims I have spoken with do not want to look at these things, Aynaz is not only speaking openly, she is facilitating the rescue of other Muslims from Islamic countries, and is warning America of the nightmare Islam will bring here, if it is not stopped in time.

This is not racism, because Islam is not a race. This is not anti-Muslim, as most people born into this religion are great people (including personal friends of mine), and are not obeying what Mohammed taught they must do. But it is necessary that everyone admit openly what the Islamic teachings really are. The Core teaching is this: there must be no non-Muslim left on planet Earth. We must all convert or die. This is to be clearly understood on day one of study. With Dr. Warner’s work to correlate the information in Islamic scriptures, this can now be verified by anyone willing to do their homework. It is now the hijacked governments of the West, including America, that are using a deadly, western-funded invasion by Islam to bring world chaos, so that the globalist plan for consolidated world control can be accomplished. The Western leaders have sold out to the globalist controllers. Can we, the people of each nation, ourselves save our societies and bring back freedom and prosperity to our countries? Our guest this week shows us the courage we will all need.


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