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Travis Middleton: Stopping California Forced Vaccination

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 10/30/16

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Travis Middleton

Travis Middleton (Facebook), independent paralegal, is an inspirational person we all need to learn from. He is standing up against the unconstitutional California law called “SB277,” which requires California children to be injected with poisons, in order to go to school. All of this is justified by the unscientific belief that such practices actually prevent disease, which is completely false (Vaccination Is Not Immunization), but you are just supposed to trust the state. You are not supposed to know, but just blindly obey, worshipping whatever ideas the state declares “scientific,” even when those claims are lies (Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination).

Many of our California listeners and friends, aware that vaccines are potentially deadly and do not prevent disease, have been distressed and unsure how to proceed, since the California governor signed into law a bill passed by the California legislature, SB277, which requires that all children be vaccinated (no, vaccines do not “immunize” anyone, other than the drug dealers, who are immune if the vaccines kill your child) in order to go to school, even in private schools. If parents try to protect their children by not vaccinating them, they can be considered guilty of truancy, and risk having their children kidnapped by CPS, a government-supported child trafficking ring pretending to be an agency solely to protect children from harm.

Previously this same governor in California had even signed into law a bill allowing children in schools to be vaccinated without consulting the parents, by having the children themselves give permission, even though this is illegal because they are minors and not legally able to sign contracts. This puts children at risk of harm and death, and is reason in itself to homeschool them, either yourself or in cooperation with like-minded friends and neighbors.

The biggest danger of vaccination laws like SB277 is to those millions of parents, the vast majority, that have bought into the belief that vaccination is actually a good thing. Their children will pay the price, not only the ones that die from the shots, but as Dr. Moulden pointed out (see the Lost Arts archive), EVERY vaccination causes serious long term, and sometimes immediate, harm.  There are things we can do, to help reduce that harm from what many of us allowed before we knew better, so do not be discouraged about mistakes already made.

Even those among us who understand all of the above, which is a tiny minority of the population, generally feel powerless to do anything against the crimes of the state, especially when those crimes become law. But those among us who find ways to stand up against those crimes and even get them to stop, they can inspire the rest of us to help in our own ways.

Travis Middleton is one such inspirational person. An independent paralegal, he has extensively researched the areas of law relevant to SB277 and getting it overturned. He has filed a special type of lawsuit against many of those inside the power structure responsible for this criminal “law” (I put the word law in quotes, because in fact, any law that is unconstitutional is actually not a valid law). Get a taste of real education about the law this Sunday, and get reminded that we are not as powerless as we are meant to believe.

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