Employees Pushing Back on Mandates

From: Coalition for Informed Choice


The attached 10 page pdf is intended to boost the morale of government workers. They really need it to hang together during this time.

The is a pivotal time. It’s a test to see if people under the gun will relent, or push back.

They must take away Biden’s and Blasio’s moral authority and shed their pariah status pinned on them by media and Dem pols.

Please make it go viral. Get it in union workers hands too. ASAP.

Thank you.

Here is the ten-page information package:  Employees-Pushing-Back-on-Mandates


NYC Employees Against Public
Health Fanaticism and Medical Tyranny
By Gary Krasner, Coalition For Informed Choice
cfic@nyct.net • cfic.us
September 11, 2021

As tens of thousands of residents fled NYC in fear of the pandemic, city workers stayed at their jobs to serve the public. The city functioned and we were deemed heroes—until now. Now, we’re supposedly pariahs because we refuse de Blasio’s compulsory unilateral order to submit to blood poisoning from COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC had always touted its support for the principle of “informed consent.” That was true until free citizens wished to withhold consent for vaccines.

For example, parents used to be allowed to decide what enters their children’s bloodstream, until 1989 when government officials told us “no shots, no school.” Now de Blasio tells us “no shots, no job.”

So for over 3 decades, government wouldn’t educate our kids and would accuse us of child neglect if we didn’t subject them to blood poisoning. Today, we’re threatened with termination, thereby leading to our families being impoverished, if we (adults) don’t submit to blood poisoning. As an added benefit, government is spreading the lie that unvaccinated people spreading disease and death. But Democrats insist that government is our friend and it knows what’s best for us!

For 4 decades, school officials in NYS used to grant devoutly religious parents exemption from vaccination for their children in school. But for the first time since 1913, Democrats captured all 3 branches of the state’s government in November 2018. Once Democrats held that “trifecta” power in Albany, they wasted no time in repealing that law in 2019.

Thereafter, parents were only allowed to exercise their religious beliefs by relocating to another state. Democrats think they know what’s best for our children more than we do! Now, de Blasio tells us we must be vaccinated to enter only restaurants and fitness clubs, because de Blasio thinks that viruses never attack people in supermarkets and grocery stores. De Blasio knows best—what appears to be low hanging fruit, politically.

Restauranteurs, who have less political power, lost their businesses and life savings as they were forced to permanently close…

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