Many Marines, Police, NFL, Nurses Refuse COVID Shot

 POSTED ON JUNE 29, 2021

By Neenah Payne

Why Are Millions Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine In US, Europe And China? says thousands of US service members are refusing or putting off getting the COVID-19 “vaccine”. It reports that thousands of healthcare workers in Europe are refusing the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot because of concerns over side effects and efficacy. It reports that people in China and India also have concerns about the injection.

Survey: More than half of FDNY firefighters say they will refuse COVID vaccine shows that a survey polled over 2,000 FDNY firefighters and found that around 55% said they will not get the shot.

Almost One-Third of US Troops Are Refusing COVID Vaccines, Officials Say

48,000 Marines Have Turned Down COVID-19 Vaccine, Corps Says reports:

“Members of II Marine Expeditionary Force, based in North Carolina, have been about twice as likely to decline the vaccine compared to personnel on the West Coast or in Japan. The Marine Corps has offered the vaccine to about 29,300 II MEF personnel. About 17,500 — or nearly 60% of them — have turned it down. That decline rate is compared to about 28% of the 30,600 Marines assigned to I MEF on the West Coast and about one-third of the 22,400 Marines assigned to the Japan-based III MEF….

Vaccine hesitancy isn’t limited to the Marine Corps or the military community. About 30% of Americans polled by the Pew Research Center in February said they were unlikely to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Participants cited the quick speed at which the vaccine was developed or lack of information about how well it’ll work as top reasons they would opt against it.”

Some NFL Players Push Back

Report: More than half of NFL players are vaccinated, but four teams lag behind says:

“The NFL’s 32 teams have done their best to educate players about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine. The league isn’t requiring vaccines for players but is encouraging them by relaxing its COVID-19 protocols for players who are vaccinated and for teams with 85 percent of all players vaccinated.

That still isn’t incentive enough for some players, though. Mark Maske of The Washington Post reports that more than half of the league’s players have received at least one dose of the vaccine for COVID-19. Sixteen teams have more than 50 of 90 players on their rosters vaccinated, including three teams with 70 or more players vaccinated. Maske, though, reports the Colts, Jaguars, Cardinals and Chargers are lagging behind in their vaccination rates. The league and NFLPA have not released vaccination rates.

The fact that most teams are struggling to get to 85 percent compliance could result in some unvaccinated players low on the depth chart — and thus unlikely to make the final roster — to lose their jobs before training camp. Teams close to the threshold could decide to take fewer than 90 players to camp, shedding unvaccinated players to reach the magic percentage and thus have relaxed protocols.

(Teams are not allowed to cut players based on vaccination status. But let’s be honest, if a team is deciding whether to keep player A or player B, and player A is vaccinated and player B isn’t, the vaccination status likely will serve as the deciding factor….)

The NFL has all but required coaches and staff members to be vaccinated, mandating they do so to maintain Tier 1 protocol status that enables them to work in proximity to players. Media is expected to face a COVID-19 vaccination requirement to enter team facilities or NFL stadiums.”

NFL Encountering Substantial Vaccine Hesitancy Among Players reports:

“Despite the National Football League strongly encouraging and incentivizing vaccinations, several prominent players throughout the league have expressed skepticism about the vaccine’s safety and have thus far refused to get their shot, which could impact their availability to play and practice this season.

Washington defensive end Montez Sweat, the team’s first-round pick in the 2019 draft, said Wednesday that he is ‘not a fan at all’ of the vaccine, adding, he ‘probably won’t get vaccinated’ until he gets ‘more facts.’ ‘I haven’t caught Covid yet, so I don’t see me treating Covid until I actually get Covid,’ Sweat said. Washington coach Ron Rivera had a Harvard immunologist speak to his team this week and told reporters Wednesday that only approximately 50% of Washington players have been inoculated.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold confirmed Wednesday that he has not been vaccinated, stating, ‘I still gotta think about all those certain things that go into it.’ Lions left tackle Taylor Decker, who recently signed a four-year, $60 million contract extension, said in April: ‘I did not get vaccinated, and I’m not going to. I’m just not going to speak to the reasons why. I have my reasons.’

Last month, Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley stirred up controversy via a series of social media posts questioning the efficacy of vaccines, tweeting, ‘Do what you think is right personally. Don’t feel like you have to go with the ‘trend’. Have a mind of your own.’”

Standing His Ground

NFL player swears off vaccination, suggests he’ll defy rules

“If I’m forced into retirement, so be it,” Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Cole Beasley said.

The article reports:

“Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley vowed Friday to remain unvaccinated for Covid-19 and suggested he was ready to face sanctions rather than abide by new rules proposed for NFL players who aren’t inoculated. Beasley will likely face a new set of protocols for unvaccinated NFL players during training and preseason games…. The proposed rules also prohibit marketing and sponsorship activities and traveling with a team. Violators could face fines of up to $50,000 per offense.

Beasley, 32, said in a statement on Twitter that he’s prepared for the consequences, including decreased income. ‘I’ll play for free this year to live life how I’ve lived it from day one,’ he said. Beasley, in the third year of a four-year, $29 million contract, said he would face the pandemic by eating well and exercising. ‘That is MY CHOICE based on MY experiences and what I think is best,’ he said. ‘I’ll be out in the public,’ he warned. ‘If you’re scared of me, then steer clear, or get vaccinated.’”

COLE BEASLEY NAMED THE HIGHWIRE HERO: “Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley laid down the gauntlet this week when he challenged the NFL’s discrimination of players choosing not to get the experimental Covid vaccine.”

Suit Against Hospital Requiring COVID “Vaccine”

“We Won’t Be Human Guinea Pigs”: 117 Doctors, Nurses Sue Over Forced “Experimental” Vaccine says:

“Over a hundred doctors and nurses who work in the Houston Methodist hospital network have filed a lawsuit against the company, arguing that they don’t want to be forced to take an ‘experimental’ vaccine. This lawsuit could pave the way for other health care workers to make similar claims.

According to the lawsuit, the company’s CEO, Marc Boom gave all the employees of the network, some 26,000 people, a deadline of June 7 to be vaccinated or be fired. A total of 117 plaintiffs are insisting that the hospital is ‘illegally requiring its employees to be injected with an experimental vaccine.’ The hospital is forcing the staff to be ‘human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,’ the lawsuit says. ‘This is my body, this is my choice, and I don’t think employers, or anyone should mandate what goes into my body,’ Kim Mikeska, a registered nurse, told the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Methodist nurse Jennifer Bridges, the lead plaintiff in the case, told the Washington Post this month that she had received ‘every vaccine known to man’ in the past, but believed the coronavirus vaccines needed further study. The lawsuit referred to the vaccines as ‘experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.’ ‘It is a severe and blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code and the public policy of the state of Texas,’ attorney Jared Woodfill, who filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County, told local news, and he’s right. Because the current Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J vaccines have been only authorized by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the safety and effectiveness data are still being collected.”

In 117 EMPLOYEES SUE HOSPITAL OVER VACCINE MANDATE, Jennifer Bridges, R.N., said the suit has 117 people and at least 50 more are expected to join. She said hospitals and hospital workers across America are watching this case.

Five Fundamental Facts COVID “Vaccine” Policy Ignores

The NFL COVID-19 “vaccine” policy is overlooking five critical facts:

1 – CDC statistics show COVID-19 poses little risk for most people.

2 – Four inexpensive potential treatments for COVID seem to have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients.

3 – The COVID injections do not meet any of the five criteria for vaccines. The shots do not to stop people from getting or transmitting COVID. Their only claim is they may lessen symptoms.

4 – There have been many serious injuries from the COVID “vaccines”.

5 – Video: VAERS shows more deaths from COVID shots in four months than from all US vaccines from mid-1997 to 2013 combined.


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