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“Look Down, Look Down! Don’t Look Them In the Eye” Won’t Work Here!

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation
August 5, 2020


On July 25, 2020 I received a letter from a gentleman concerned about his rights and his wife’s.  He is a US citizen: she is not. He raised a great many interesting questions in that letter to which I have replied by interleaving my responses in a different color.  The letter is in black face, my responses are in blue.

In case you are in a hurry, here are the “Cliff Notes”: if you are in the US or its property/territories, you are covered by US law, including the Americans with Disability Acts. Your health requirements must be accommodated if that can be done and your privacy and dignity must be protected and preserved.

I use the Advance Sanitary Masking Directive Card to assert those rights. Click here to secure one or both of our powerful Advance Medical Directive Cards: 

I am reproducing that letter here with the identifying information redacted because so many people are considering the same or similar questions.  Please share this information as widely as you can. using this link:

Dr. Rima, 

My wife is not a citizen of the United States.  She only has a green card or US residency. If she is in the US or on US soil (bases, embassies, etc., she is subject to US law, regardless of her citizenship. I actually advised her against getting her citizenship for this very reason, as someone told me that being from another country, our government could not impose anything on her legally without consent of her country’s government as well.  I hope that someone was a lawyer with experience in International Law since, with some exceptions, this is absolutely untrue.
I don’t know if the argument has any merit, but I am concerned and want to do all I can to protect us.  I want to order both the AVD cards for vaccines and ASMD cards for masks… but I wondered if the ASMD one will work for her because I read somewhere on your site that this card might not work outside the US, and she is not a US citizen. The ASMD applies to people in the US and its territories and lands, regardless of their nationality. It asserts your right to protection under the Americans with Disability Act so is only valid in the US.  The Advance Vaccine Directive Card, however, asserts your Right of Informed Consent under International Treaty Law (the Geneva Convention) and is therefore a powerful assertion in any country which has ratified the Geneva Convention.  Most of the countries in the world have, in fact, ratified it.
Also, I was wondering what protection these offer me against retaliation from an employer who is requiring masks of all employees and patrons?  The ADA has very specific penalties for retaliation but you have to submit a complaint with the particulars spelled out in the correct manner. Also, since each business has the right to refuse service to anyone… No, businesses do not have the right to refuse services to people for reasons of disability. That is specifically prohibited under the laws of the US.  They might have that right elsewhere, but not in the US and its territories. Do I have any recourse against businesses that don’t want to even let me in their store or serve me if I don’t conform? I am not an attorney, but under the prevailing Civil Rights acts of the Federal Government and the States and under the ADA, you have a good many rights in this regard if you pursue them properly.  You will need to seek legal counsel, I suspect, to do this correctly.
Finally, I have heard it said and seen video to the effect that because President Trump declared a National emergency with Covid19 and already relinquished any power within his Presidency, that we are already under UN rule and will have UN troops on American Soil to help deal with the escalated violence of further divisions among our people and troops to distribute and force the administration of the vaccines. There is unlimited and unbound speculation about this.  I have seen no confirmation that we are under UN rule.  We have had UN troops on American Soil for a long time.
          A National Emergency does not, as far as I am aware, cause the US President to “relinquish  any power within his Presidency” so that “we are already under UN rule”.

          I hope to God that there is not forced vaccination and we  at the Natural Solutions Foundation are working hard to prevent that.  Please join us in spreading the word by using all your social media abilities to the max for this purpose.
Do these cards offer me any protection in that instance?  I might be able to withstand pressure from our government normally… but doesn’t the situation change when we are under a declared emergency while under the control of FEMA and UN forces?  
          Your Right of Informed Consent is guaranteed by International Treaty Law and must be obeyed by the ratifying nations.  We will probably all have to be quite definitive in the assertion of our Rights. The more of us who are asserting that Right, the stronger the assertion of it becomes for all of us.
I hope this is helpful.
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima


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