Masking the Truth: Masks Reduce Oxygen, Increase Infections

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Wear the mask!
‘Protect’ yourself.
‘Protect’ Others!
Ignore the Science!
Look Down!
Don’t Question Anything!

             Important Video on the Very Real Hazards of Masking

Masking in public, at home, in your car, in the park, has become the new social norm because, supposedly, it prevents the spread of COVID-19.

Masking may well be very dangerous to your health. What futurist Gerald Celente called “Sadomaskism” is real.  Rebreathing your own CO2 — warm, moist and pathogen-laden — is a sure route to illness.  Insufficient oxygen promotes illness and limits cognition.

It is most certainly dangerous to your freedom and your right of Informed Consent since you probably do not consent to being forced to rebreath a potentially dangerous virus and make yourself ill for the sake of a huge social experiment.  I absolutely do not.

Not a word, of course, is being said about the very real hazards of masking for those with compromised immune function, lung  or heart function, cancer. inflammatory conditions and diseases. And not a word is being said about the fact that wearing a mask is a medical hazard for the healthy as well as the ill from several different points of view.

And we are not just talking about real medical-grade masks, of course.  Here in the newly third-world-ized, formerly the first world, we have the insane  and totally absurd spectacle of Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General, spiffy in his military uniform, showing us how to make masks out of old tee shirts and bandanas. [1]

These make-believe masks also have very real, indeed, potentially life-threatening risks associated with them, including making clinical COVID-19 disease more likely and making sure that, by concentrating the virus in the nose and lungs, it bumps the sick person into the group of people with the worst outcomes: those with the highest concentration of viral particles in their noses and lungs.

This outstanding video, courtesy of Brasscheck TV, takes a bold, and sane, look at the real science behind masking under the current circumstances and echoes precisely what we wrote on February 15, 2020 in our article “Are Face Masks Enough?” and subsequently on this site and

Leaning heavily on an article by the excellent Dr. Russel Blaylock, this important video makes it clear that more than 89% of healthy people will develop headaches and other signs of increased carbon dioxide and decreased oxygen from prolonged mask wearing. The consequences go far deeper than that.

Real immune support, including Nano Silver 10 PPM, Vitamin D, zinc and other simple, inexpensive and scientifically validated methods to protect and promote healthy immune function, are the answers we need, not social training for mindless compliance and pointless obedience. And that is the only positive function that social masking can possibly have.

It’s a benefit to our would-be masters, and another of the very real dangers to us. Like the ever-so-rapidly produced vaccine…


4 thoughts on “Masking the Truth: Masks Reduce Oxygen, Increase Infections

  1. Fact Check Fail: I do not sell masks. A couple of months ago a friend who makes wearable items asked me if I knew of any health facilities that would need PPE (minimum order 10,000 pieces) and I made that information available to anyone who might need it. Neither the Foundation nor I have ever received so much as a single penny for the sale of PPE.
    Hospital and health personnel have mask needs. It is my considered opinion that others do not in regards to COVID-19.
    I hope that clarifies the issue for you.
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

    1. No, I do not. In fact, in about a week the Natural Solutions Foundation will have available an Advance Sanitary Masking Directive, much like the Advance Vaccine Directive, to allow people who do not wish to mask to assert their legal rights under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) to not use masks.

  2. What I find interesting about this whole mandatory mask madness, is that, inasmuch as I refuse to wear a mask, I was forced to do so inside my local medical clinic.

    Now, if anyone should understand the medical implications of constant mask use, it should be the medical profession. But if they know, they certainly don’t practice good medicine. I suspect the problem is that medical service organizations first rule is not, ‘do no harm,’ but is rather, ‘do what the state tells you or be shut down.’ And all of that, if true, leads one to ask whether or not the mask is a political weapon rather than a medical problem solver. Ah, communism – ain’t it grand.

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