“Might as Well Be a Yellow Star”


Not only “No!” but “Hell NO!”

“Might as well be a Yellow Star.” – Dr. Rima
Why We Need an Informed Consent President in 2020

Unless you assert your right to just say “No!”
Your right to Informed Consent
(whether grounded in religious beliefs or no beliefs)
May be legally deemed “waived.”
The case law is clear.  You must assert the right to preserve it.

Big Pharma bought-and-paid Legislators in California and New York are directly attacking your right to Informed Consent by passing laws that revoke long-standing religious and conscientious objections to forced vaccination.

But they are not the only ones! So called ‘private entities’ such as nursing schools, hospitals and universities are imposing vaccine mandates on all their employees and students.

These entities are private in name only since they are, in fact, heavily dependent on government funding.

Recently, forced flu vaccines are being forced on nurses despite the fact that all of the “public health authorities” (so-called) tell us that last year’s flu vaccine was hardly effective, even by their pseudo-scientific standards: “vaccine effectiveness in the range of 30 percent to 60 percent” [1] — that is a little better than 50/50. Worse, in addition to being woefully ineffective, Flu vaccines are, like every vaccine “unavoidably unsafe.” [2]  Based on injury awards by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program, the flu vaccine is the most unsafe widely used adult vaccine since taxpayers pay more compensation for injury and death following the flu vaccine than for any other vaccine, for the last several years. [3] Smart nurses, like the rest of the informed population, want to avoid the flu vaccine with intense vigor.

Natural Solutions Foundation has worked closely with a number of nurses over the past several years assisting them in asserting religious/conscientious exemptions, since the Civil Rights Acts require private companies to accommodate the religious beliefs of employees.

It is important to remember that this exemption is not within the power of a state legislature to abolish.

States do not like this degree of freedom and they are making this degree of freedom tougher, though.

The Court says that it is a violation of the First Amendment to burden expressive association rights, including religious conscience, but some employers, empowered by official government “recommendations,” have, nonetheless, added burden upon burden.

Early on an employee merely had to state in writing that s/he objected to vaccination on religious grounds. That was enough. Then employers started demanding letters from the nurses’ pastors about the sincerity of their beliefs. Then the pastor’s letters had to be certified and attest that the particular religion was opposed to vaccination (although the law is clear, it is the person’s individual conscience, not church dogma, that is the basis for the exemption).

Enter the Nurses’ “Yellow Star”

Horrifyingly, now employers have decreed that unvaccinated nurses must wear sanitary masks at all times while in the patient areas.

Offensive as this is, it actually has an advantage since perhaps these masks will protect the nurses wearing them from the disease organisms shed by vaccinated people!  It is important to remember that, according to health authorities, most cases of measles, even polio, are triggered by vaccine viral shedding by vaccinated people! [4]

And the next development? WAIT FOR IT!

At least one hospital wants to make the the vaccine-free nurses wear different color badges!

While no religion can claim an objection exists to wearing protective masks, there are strong ethical, religious and moral objections to being forced to wear a badge of a different color.

To single out for special identification those with a strong religious objection to vaccination, is to shame, humiliate, segregate and denigrate those whose beliefs lead them to shun vaccines.

What protection do these employers propose to offer to those so singled out? Wearing a special badge of a different color.

Singling-out those with religious conscientious objections to vaccination equals shaming people for their religious views and is a discriminatory act under the Civil Rights Acts provisions pertaining to religious beliefs and employment.

No state can cancel out the Federal Civil Rights Act provisions protecting religious beliefs and employment.

The Special Colored Badge Requirement is
Like Requiring Jews to Wear Yellow Stars.

Preserving, using and protecting your right to say “NO!” to vaccines means correctly asserting your Right to Informed Consent.

Whether your refusal to be vaccinated is because of religious beliefs or something else, unless you assert it correctly it may be legally deemed waived and therefore ignored.  The case law in the US is clear: You MUST assert the right to preserve it.

If you do not assert that right correctly, the authorities WILL ignore your right. If they can get away with it, they will not even tell you that you have such a right.

Right now in New York State there are conscientious families asserting their right and having their children banned from public school services. The school districts are forcing those families into an “unconstitutional condition”: they have to choose between the protected Right of Informed Consent and the alleged benefits of free government schooling.

The legal fact, however,is that in thousands of cases Federal Courts have told State Governments and Agencies that they may NEVER condition the receipt of a public benefit on the surrender of a protected right. Period.

You need to make sure that you assert your Right of Infomred Consent correctly: you won’t get a second chance.

Here’s how it’s done: visit https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard to learn about the Advance Vaccine Directive card, a formal advance medical directive which the medical community is ethically and legally bound to honor.

In one New York case, after seeing the AVD Card the family doctor said he would not vaccinate their ADHD, vaccine-injured child without their explicit Informed Consent. The school is barring the child anyway.

We are working with the family and their lawyers to fight this illegal restriction and unconstitutional condition.

The courts will decide… and so will the voters.

More about the Informed Consent President Campaign


Yours in health and freedom,

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Legal Director

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[1] AAFP reporting on CDC data: https://www.aafp.org/news/health-of-the-public/20190220fluvaccine.html

[2]  See Justice Sotomayor’s 2011 dissent in Bruesewitz vs Wyeth, where she discusses the history of “unavoidably unsafe.” https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/09-152.ZD.html

[3] https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/flu-shot-remains-most-dangerous-vaccine-based-on-injuries-and-deaths-compensated-by-government/

[4] https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/09/08/polio-vaccines.aspx




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