Military Doctor Testifies Under Oath that Superiors Ordered Her Not to Discuss Injuries After Covid Vaccines

In January, we reported on multiple military doctors who came forward and blew the whistle alleging that the DoD medical data showed alarming increases in cancer, miscarriages, infertility and other illnesses after the vaccine was mandated in the US military. As with most bombshell whistleblower cases like this one, it was quickly written off by the factcheckers who spoke with DoD officials who claimed this was due to faulty data.

According to the US military, the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch’s (AFHSB) “web-based tool to remotely query de-identified active component personnel and medical event data contained within the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS).” It contains every International Classification of Diseases (ICD) medical billing codes for any medical diagnosis in the military submitted for medical insurance billing. Because it is a closed system for the DoD, the data within DMED is highly accurate which is why the following information is incredibly shocking.

Also, according to the US military, all the data in this very accurate system, has been wrong — for years.

As we reported, according to three military doctors who have come forward, Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, Lt. Col. Teresa Long and Col. (Ret.) Stewart Tankersley, M.D., after the approval of the covid-19 vaccine, the data shows that in the first 11 months of 2021, military members experienced a sudden and shocking spike in nearly every ICD code associated with common vaccine injuries.

Certain disorders spiked after the vaccine mandate went into effect, according to these doctors, including miscarriages and cancers, and neurological problems which increased by 1000 percent.

But this was a fluke, according to the fact checkers and the data in 2021 is correct while all the data before it was underreported. So, according to the single DoD spokesperson, there was no increase.

According to a fact check by Politifact, who says they spoke to a military spokesperson, the data in the article below are wrong as “they resulted from a glitch in the database.”

But Peter Graves, spokesperson for the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division, told PolitiFact by email that “in response to concerns mentioned in news reports” the division reviewed data in the DMED “and found that the data was incorrect for the years 2016-2020.”

Officials compared numbers in the DMED with source data in the DMSS and found that the total number of medical diagnoses from those years “represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses.” The 2021 numbers, however, were up-to-date, giving the “appearance of significant increased occurrence of all medical diagnoses in 2021 because of the underreported data for 2016-2020,” Graves said.

The DMED system has been taken offline to “identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption,” Graves said.

That was in February and very little has been said about this “glitch” since then and we are unable to access the DMED system, indicating that it is still offline. The whistleblowers, however, are charging forward. In a recent hearing in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Dr. Long made a telling admission.

As the Liberty Counsel reports, Dr. Long is a flight surgeon who also holds a master’s degree in Public Health, Dr. Long is specially trained in the DMED. The night before the hearing, Dr. Long was contacted and told by high-level command to not discuss her findings regarding military medical data, although the findings are paramount to ensuring best practices in protecting the health and readiness of the force. Earlier, after she tried to get her superiors to address the findings, she describes “fearing for her life and for the safety of my children.”

During the testimony, when Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver asked her a question about the DMED, she said, “I have been ordered not to answer that question.” Judge Merryday immediately asked, “Ordered by who?” She then testified about what happened the night before the hearing.

Staver then asked Dr. Long if the information the military ordered her not to testify to was relevant and important to the court and the public. She said, “Yes.” Staver then asked, “Why?”

Dr. Long paused, held back tears, looked at the judge and said, “I have so many soldiers being destroyed by this vaccine. Not a single member of my senior command has discussed my concerns with me … I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by talking about it. I’m OK with that because I am watching people get absolutely destroyed.”

Dr. Long said she is inundated morning, noon and night regarding people who have been injured by taking the COVID shots. Those injured are “predominantly pilots, and pilots have to meet one of the highest fitness standards.”

She also said she is aware of at least two people who committed suicide under pressure to get the shots and threat of punishment for refusal.

Dr. Long also testified that based on the VAERS database, deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID itself.

While the “fact checkers” refer to these doctors as “antivaxxers” it is important to point out that they actually took the shots. Dr. Pete Chambers says that he was planning on retiring in 2023 with 40 years of service but his plans were derailed after he had an adverse reaction to the Moderna shot. He now suffers from demyelination, a condition affecting the central nervous system caused by the injection.

After his injury he met with the other doctors-turned whistleblowers who then began to examine the data. Like Dr. Long, Dr. Chambers also testified that many soldiers were being injured by the covid vaccines. As a doctor, he said, “This is not normal.”

Dr. Tankersley also testified last week who says he’s “never seen anything like this in the military or civilian world, the lack of dialogue,” he said of the DoD’s silence on the issue, “the suppression of scientific dialogue.”

In a telling sign, not a single DoD member showed up to the hearing to cross examine any of the witnesses.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, sent a letter earlier this month to Manish Malhotra, the Chairman and CEO of Unissant, Inc., the company that manages DMED.

According to the senator, his office has only received the following response from a Unissant employee saying, “This request will need to be made to our government customer.  We are not in a position nor are we willing to engage in this discussion.”

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