Miracle! Vaxx Cures Disease, Not!

Two Centuries of Vaccine Pseudo Science Overturned!
New Gene Altering Jab Now Claimed to “Cure” — Not Just “Prevent” — Disease!

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Can you believe this is on the front page of the ABC today?

So the vaccine not only lessens symptoms if you get covid, it now clears up long covid almost instantly.

Surely this makes no biological sense?

There is something huge at play here and it’s frustrating to not know what it is. Possible options

• The vaccine cures long covid (highly unlikely)
• Is it possible they are simply paying some people to exaggerate symptoms and exaggerate recoveries?
• Certain people are susceptible to taking on long covid symptoms (i.e. they believe the narrative so strongly that if they are diagnosed they suffer a type of hypochondriac response)
• Similar to the last option, but they suffer a kind of hypnotic effect from the mass fear campaign over the last 12 months (kind of like those that go and see a hypnotist and end up going on stage because they are ‘easier to hypnotise’)
• There is something else at play. Perhaps remote effects via EMF that can turn on and turn off certain biological pathways using certain frequencies (this is definitely possible) perhaps the tests or previous vaccines are the trojan horse that allows this in certain people?

What do others think?

Source of Vaxx Cure Claim:  https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2021-03-24/coronavirus-long-covid-could-the-vaccine-cure-it/100023114

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