Moderna CEO Bancel Earned Nearly $1 Billion

CNBC – Moderna’s board of directors approved a golden parachute for CEO Stephane Bancel worth more than $926 million at the end of last year, up from $9.4 million in 2019 before Covid-19 upended the world order.

The value of Bancel’s so-called change-in-control package has varied as a bulk of it, $922.5 million, is in the biotech company’s stock, which has swung widely over the course of the pandemic along with the company’s progress in making a vaccine to fight it.

Bancel’s exit package also includes a cash severance payment of $1.5 million and a bonus of $2.5 million if the company is sold and he’s terminated.

Moderna’s shares reached an all-time high of $497.49 on Aug. 10, shortly before the Food and Drug Administration cleared booster shots of its blockbuster Covid vaccine for vulnerable people.

But they were trading at $253.98 on Dec. 31 when the package was valued and have since dropped by about 45% to around $140 a share this week.

Even at that reduced share price, his exit package — which only becomes a reality only if the company’s sold and he loses his job — is eye popping. Moderna didn’t return requests for comment.

The value of the golden parachute was disclosed Wednesday in the company’s annual proxy report that details compensation packages for the company’s highest-paid executives. The filing shows the rewards for executives at the young biotech company where most of the pay is rooted in the company’s volatile equity.

His total compensation awarded for 2021 was $18.2 million, a 41% increase over 2020. Bancel’s compensation last year included $15 million in stock awards and options as well as a $1.5 million bonus on top of his $990,385 salary.

Moderna spent an additional $661,000 providing personal security for Bancel and his family last year.

Moderna President Stephen Hoge’s total compensation represented a fraction of his other rewards. He cashed out $165.9 million in stock options in 2021 on top of his regular compensation. Chief Technical Officer Juan Andres similarly cashed out $194.3 million in options, outside of his usual pay.

Moderna, which was little known outside biotech circles before the pandemic, had a blockbuster 2021 … READ MORE.


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