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Subject: WOW! Super Patch WOW!

Two days ago, I shared the Super Patch option for haptic health and homeostasis. An amazing number of people have decided to try it for themselves (with a 30-day money back guarantee, why not, after all). And I realized that I had forgotten to share something really important about this breakthrough.


But first, let me share a real letter (name redacted) that I received this morning.

My correspondent wrote:

“Good morning, Dr Rima,

You sent me a newsletter regarding the Super Patch, which you are promoting. However, you refrain from specifying exactly what the ingredients are in this product! How can you promote something without telling the your clients exactly what it is, which you are promoting?

Kind regards,
[Name redacted]

I responded:

“Good morning, [Name redacted],

Thanks for reaching out to me with your question.

You are absolutely right: if there were any ingredients, I would certainly have mentioned them.

But the amazing thing about the Super Patch technology is that the patches HAVE NO INGREDIENTS!

If you recall from my newsletter, they utilize the newly discovered (and Nobel Prize winning) haptic receptors in the skin which communicate with the brain.

The patches are small pieces of non-irritating surgical tape printed with tiny bumps in very carefully determined patterns which stimulate various receptors in particular ways.

The results, as the research indicates, are carefully focused, but system-wide impacts which move the user toward homeostasis.

The tiny bumps on the patches themselves appear to be a source of movement in a positive direction.

That is pretty amazing, and, without the research and my own experience with them, I would not believe this, but now I most certainly do.

I hope that helps!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

And my correspondent wrote back:

“Thank you, Dr Rima,

I still find it mind-boggling…!

Kind regards,
[Name redacted]”

And that’s the whole point! It is mind-boggling! Through receiving instructions and information, the brain does what the brain is supposed to do: learn how to make things work and then do it!

We are designed that way, after all.

Now let me tell you what I forgot. I was so excited to reach out and share this drug-free innovation that I forgot to tell how you can share it with everyone you can reach, too.

Turns out that if you go to this page, Super Patch – New Enrollment, and fill in this number, 111157710, you can enroll as an Associate and share these amazing products. You get paid for that and so do we, of course.

Here’s what the sign-up page looks like: Super Patch – New Enrollment –

Or you can simply use this link, Refer-a-Friend and get $30 – The Super Patch Company, refer a friend to Super Patch. Your friend will get 25% off their first order and you will get $30 from the company. And there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.

Here’s that link:

So you have several super Super Patch options:

1. Buy what you need and enjoy the haptic health homeostasis benefits of this ground-breaking, drug free technology.
2. Become an Associate and share the technology, getting reimbursed for your efforts
3. Refer people, give them a discount to start their experience with the technology and get a reward from the Super Patch company.

Let me be perfectly frank: I do not like MLMs. But I have found over the years that there are occasionally unique and important innovations that are only available on an MLM platform. Super Patch may be one of those products. It is, in my estimation, so important as part of your holistic health strategy that I am willing to deal with the structure that the Super Patch company has chosen (they didn’t ask me, after all) and share the products and their marketing model.

Refer a Friend and get $30 – The Super Patch Company

But our advocacy for health freedom means we are open to exploring alternative approaches. So in order to keep on fighting the health freedom fight for us all, we need support. And the few outstanding products and services that we have chosen to present are powerful choices for your own health AND powerful choices to help keep us in the fight.

Super Patch is one of those options. The product link is:

I get asked to bring new products to our list on a pretty frequent basis, and so does Counsel Ralph. Generally, we turn the request down because either there is no science supporting the product that makes sense, the product is of low quality or unsafe, there are problems with the way it is presented, or it simply replicates what is already available (and usually is more expensive than the other perfectly good stuff).

And it does not matter how lucrative the deal is. You trust me, you trust Natural Solutions Foundation, you trust Counsel Ralph and we will never abuse that.

So when I tell you that — — is worth trying and sharing, you know that I am telling you the truth.

It is, as my correspondent said in the letter I shared up above, literally mind-boggling.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS – Link to my original post on the Super Patch:

Not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any medical or psychological condition, or to support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for self-education purposes only.

15 thoughts on “More on the Super Patch

    1. I trialed them in my practice years ago and while they sounded great, at least for the people I provided them to, I did not see any significant change, and neither did they.
      They seemed like a great idea, but, at least in our small sample, we did not see them as providing much benefit.

      1. Well, all the numbers for the code you’re supposed to use ….add up to 6 (call me paranoid) so that’s another thing that turned me off them. I just don’t like putting anything on my skin that supposedly interacts with my brain.Sounds too Bill Gatish
        … Sorry I’m just too wary these days I’ll let my super brain and super body do but it does naturally
        I just don’t have blind faith any more

        1. What code that you are supposed to use?
          When you get a massage, or a hug, or have acupressure treatment, or stimulate your skin in any other way, these newly-discovered receptors are activated. Once they are activated, the skin and the brain communicate.
          The Super Patches help you body do what it does naturally: regulate itself.
          If it does not appeal to you, that’s fine, but there is nothing Bill Gatish about a the technology that I can see.

  1. If effect results from the pattern of bumps, why doesn’t effect continue while patch is kept on body for any length of time?

  2. I have a question that doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere on the website- exactly how long are these patches supposed to be worn? Or, rather, how long does one last? I am wary of spending the money without this pretty significant detail. Thank you in advance for your answer

    1. Happy to oblige, Hélène.
      The patches tend to fall off after about 24 hours on my skin. So if you are using one a day, an auto ship order with 28 patches and a free pack of 4 will last just over a month,.
      You can use several patches at once if you wish to.
      I hope that helps!

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  4. What could be simpler than a patch? Peel and stick. It sounds great!
    Are there any longer term studies with these patches, for possible side effects?

  5. Since the impact of the patch depends on the presence of the haptic stimulators (bumps), the patches themselves do not have long term effects. However, that being said, when the body moves toward homeostasis, it tends to maintain that condition if it can.
    Thus, my personal experience with the patch: the increase in the desired effect (or decrease in the undesired one) and then the requirement for the patch diminishes BUT this is NOT a scientific study: it is my lmited, personal experience and I have not gotten enough feedback yet to know if that is generally true.
    To go back to your original point, I know of no long-term studies of possible side effects but I would be very surprised if, other than increased homeostasis and wellbeing, there were any since there are no ingredients, no active compounds, not even any frequencies being introduced, just very gentle haptic stimulation of the newly discovered sensors which have communication with the brain, telling the brain what the state of the periphery is.

    1. Is there any biotech element to the patch, transferring nano particles through the skin? That’s my concern.

      1. The patch is 3D printed surgical tape. You have asked a really good question, but in the same way that ordinary surgical tape would not transfer nano particles through the skin, at leas as far as I have ever heard, I cannot see how these patches could, either.
        But thanks for giving me the opportunity to think about it!

  6. I tried to sign up to become an Associate but received a message stating my email was already assigned to an Associate account. I don’t remember signing up for an Associate account and don’t have an Associate Account Number in order to access this account. I would like to take advantage of one of the new member kits in addition to starting my own business. Do you know how I got signed up for an Associate account? Do you know what my Associate account number is?

    BTW: Ordered Freedom patch for low back pain. After 2 days of applying the patch near the area that was painful, the pain has subsided to a “1” on a scale of 1-10! I easily got out of bed this morning without having to be cautious and then did my stretching exercises with no pain. Totally impressed!!! Also, both my husband and I have used the REM patches for the last 2 nights. Husband slept well both nights. I didn’t notice any difference the first night, however, last night I was able to sleep a full 8 hours without interruption! Last night I put the patch in a different spot (on my upper right shoulder on my back) and that apparently did the trick! Will try a different spot tonight to see if location makes a difference in effectiveness. In addition, I ordered Focus patches for my 14 yo ADHD grandson, slapped one on him 2 days ago and immediately noticed that his fidgeting declined significantly. He says he hasn’t noticed any difference yet in his concentration, but time will tell. I next plan to get him some Flow patches and hope to see even more improvements.

    According to the Super Patches testimonials/website, the patches can be worn essentially until they fall off. However, they become less effective after 24 hours due to the “ridges” not remaining in full contact with your skin due to movement of skin, moisture, etc. REM patches should not be worn more than 12 hours – don’t want to fall asleep when you want to stay awake!

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