Over 41% of ALL VAERS Vaccine Related Deaths EVER Reported are Attributed to Covid-19 Vaccines

Below, how the CDC is consistently dismissing significant VAERS data to create plausible deniability instead of acting to protect public health.


83% of VAERS reports are generated by medical care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and state reporting agencies.


As of April 5, 2021, 2,794 Covid-19 post vaccination death reports have been reported to the VAERS CDC from the time period of December 14, 2020 through April 5, 2021.


The total number of post vaccination deaths reported to VAERS monitoring system since its inception in 1990 is 7,127 events.


Covid-19 vaccine death reports constitute 41.7% of all death EVER reported to the system over a period of thirty years – Covid-19 post vaccination death reports have occurred in less than a four month time frame.


From the CDC:


“VAERS received 2,794 reports of death (0.00167%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAER”


CDC claims that there is no evidence that any of these deaths are correlated to the vaccinations are disingenuous. The VAERS reports provide ample evidence of individuals experiencing symptoms listed as FDA side of the Covid-19 vaccines before death, with hundreds of individuals dying within minutes to hour post vaccination. Medical notes and laboratory reports document development of rare illness events in close proximity to Covid-19 vaccination. Additionally, the CDC has no set procedural response for investigation of a report of a post Covid-19 death, and the agency is unresponsive to direct inquiry for further information on how the agency specifically follows up on a post Covid-19 vaccination death report.

Take the example of Michael Gregory, a doctor in Florida, who developed

Thrombocytopenia, a side effect correlated to Pfizer and Moderna, vaccinations, by scientists.


Dr Gregory, a healthy individual with no prior history of blood disorders or other conditions associated with development of thrombocytopenia No lab test revealed any other underlying condition to explain the sudden development of thrombocytopenia, the condition resulting in a brain hemorrhage that killed him.


Despite no other plausible explanation for the development of a listed side effect of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination, the investigative committee tasked with reviewing Dr Gregory’s death deemed he died from ‘natural causes’ since it could not be stated with ‘medical certainty’ that the Pfizer vaccination resulted in his death.


This is a striking deviation from the CDC criteria for attribution of a death to Covid-19 infection. Deaths with an average of 4.0 comorbidities, occurring up to 60 days post positive Sars CoV2 test (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms) are attributed to Covid-19 despite no medical certainty that the Sars CoV2 virus resulted in the death.


And, deaths are attributed to the virus without even the pretense of a positive test, included in the official Covid-19 death count on the basis of symptoms alone.


“Probable cases are defined by the agency as anecdotally matching the symptoms of COVID-19 but lacking an actual test confirming the disease in a patient”

Probable cases are counted in the ‘official’ Covid-19 death count.

Given that symptoms of Covid-19 mirror many other illness and disease, this is by no way a scientific or objective method of attribution of death. There is no ‘medical certainty’ these individuals died from complications of Covid-19 infection. Far from it.


And, this, without consideration that the Sars CoV2 testing has been shown to have resulted in majority false positive tests when studies corrected for errors in protocol recommendation and testing methods.


In sum, deaths that have a myriad of other plausible potential causes of morbidity are unquestioningly appropriated into Covid-19 death counts, even though there is no way to state with ‘medical certainty’ that Sars CoV2 was the true cause of death.Deaths attributed to faulty testing methods and settings are included with no caveat or review process for resulting misappropriated Covid-19 deaths.


The standard for inclusion as a Covid-19 death ‘case’ is extremely liberal and amply allows for inclusion of deaths with no ‘medical certainty’ of being caused by Sars Cov2/Covid-19 infection into the official death counts. Deaths clearly resulting from other causes (gunshot wounds) are included in the official Covid-19 death counts, as well.


The complete, OPPOSITE, standard is utilized for attributing a death to a Covid-19 vaccine injury.


Deaths occurring with symptoms directly associated with Covid-19 vaccinations with no other associated disease or underlying conditions to instigate illness are excluded from being categorized as a vaccine death. Extensive evidence indicating direct causality and diagnosis of a listed FDA Co-vid 19 vaccination side effect post autopsy is NOT enough evidence to attribute a Covid-19 vaccine death, as demonstrated in the case of Dr Gregory Michael.


Over 2,700 post Covid-19 vaccinations have all been classified as unrelated to the vaccine, no matter how near the death occurred to administration of the vaccine or how clearly the symptoms match the listed side effects. The CDC describes a review of this data:


‘A review of available clinical information including death ‘certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths’.


No evidence?


Read through the VAERS reports of the 743 individuals whom died within minutes to one day post Covid-19 vaccination with symptoms matching the listed side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines. Look at the lab data and doctors reports, read the notes. Read the reports of those who succumbed to cardiac events and bleeding disorders within one week of vaccine administration: The reports documenting these deaths show CLEAR evidence.


The CDC has now shown, through its determination methods, that plausible deniability is the standard for Covid-19 vaccination death attribution. This is not an appropriate standard to ascertain safety for Covid-19 vaccinations utilizing never before approved mRNA technology with Pfizer and Moderna, (some argue are not technically vaccines) and adenovirus technology, never before approved for human use except in military applications (Johnson & Johnson).

This is why the CDC will state that there is no evidence of any relation between the Covid-19 vaccinations with a death with substantive and direct evidence indicating otherwise.


It is how individuals can go into anaphylactic shock immediately post Covid-19 vaccination, and the CDC will state to the public, with a straight face, the death was a ‘coincidence’. This, at the same time, the CDC specifically warns vaccinations may cause anaphylaxis and the agency requires intubation kits to be present at medical facilities administering the vaccine


But, no immediate post vaccination death following anaphylaxis is recorded because…no medical certainty.


The CDC with this double standard in reporting deaths has revealed a strategy which will hyper-inflate the numbers of Covid-19 deaths while allowing the agency to attribute zero cases of deaths to vaccines.


The public must ask why is the CDC using such drastically different criteria for determination of death from a Covid-19 infections versus death attribution to a Covid-19 vaccination?


What interest does this serve?


How can the public can place any trust in the CDC declaration of Covid-19 vaccination safety with this method of assessment of post vaccination death? And, what validity does any statement of vaccine safety mean in this context?


There is a very clear need for independent third party scrutiny for Covid-19 vaccination safety and post vaccine adverse events.


In 1976, after three deaths were associated with the Swine Flu vaccination, nine U.S. states shut down the vaccination program and the entire program was halted shortly thereafter.


In 2021, the U.S. has documented thousands of post vaccination Covid-19 deaths, and the government and media response is to downplay any connection to the vaccines, even in the most extreme cases of immediate anaphylactic shock and death within minutes of the Covid-19 vaccination.


How much harm must occur before the media and government stop with the pretense of ‘safe’ and ‘effective ‘?


The objective documentation, much of it coming from its own reports, highly indicates otherwise.


The time to demand real answers and action is NOW.


FDA publicly acknowledged Covid-19 mass emergency use Covid-19 vaccination campaign launched without appropriate injury monitoring system in place.


European established vaccine monitoring systems are showing up to 5x higher adverse events reporting rates than VAERS CDC System for the same vaccines administered in U.S.

(124,371 for Pfizer Vaccine in UK, US VAERS documents 27,899 for approximately same period)


Studies have demonstrated only 1% of of adverse vaccine reactions are captured by the VAERS CDC monitoring system.


the CDC and US government has serious conflict of interest in overseeing Covid-19 vaccination safety review with extensive direct investment in vaccinations and and related patents, including mRNA technology, utilized in Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations

Source:  www.unite4truth.com/post/over-41-of-all-vaers-vaccine-related-deaths-ever-reported-are-attributed-to-covid-19-vaccines?utm_campaign=eb11277d-6dc6-44c9-87eb-70d15bfdbe57&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail_lp&cid=ada6e24f-f79c-4ab2-9217-a4ca11bf1090

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  1. I had a great aunt who was injected with the COVID shots; the first on the middle of February and the second one the middle of March. Shortly, after the second one she suffered a stroke following Deep Vein Thrombosis. I am sick at heart and angry.

    1. That’s the effect of the spike protein toxin that is getting into circulation – clotting, and other cardiovascular problems.

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