Musings of a Jew…

Musings of a Jew in the Wake of the October 7 Events in Israel
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

I am speaking for myself here, not for Israel, not for the Jewish Community (if there were such a thing), not for American Jews or any other moiety.  I am sharing my personal thoughts.

I have never been to the Middle East although I was accepted to Medical School at Hebrew University when my fiancé was planning a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Weitzman Institute before his mentor, Aharon Kachalsky, was murdered by Black September at Lud Airport when returning home from Pakistan, ending our Middle Eastern plans (and the life of one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived).

I am a political animal, well aware of geopolitics, but also pretty well informed about Middle Eastern history, especially as it pertains to the establishment of, and the existence of, the State of Israel.

I am an anti-genocidalist, a humanist and an activist.

My parents were both born in the US in families whose parents had immigrated, under threat and in terror, from Tzarist Russia and its territories. Both of my grandfathers were valued members of their communities in Russia. Their communities were the insular, isolated, shunned and shamed Jewish towns and villages in a world where Jews could not enter Moscow, the capital, without a special permit, where they could not settle, travel or live outside of the “Great Pale of Settlement”, a swath of land where they could live in their own farms and fields and cities, but where many jobs and pursuits were forbidden to them, for this or that or no reason.

They lived under the constant threat of some nobleman or church leader whipping up public sentiment against them and leading a pogrom or riot of destruction against them for this or that or no reason.  No punishment befell the Christian/Russian murderer or rapist or arsonist or thief who harmed them. None.

But these two men, my grandfathers, were the treasures of their communities because they were scholars, specifically Talmudic scholars. The community fed, clothed, housed and honored them.  They were given the “best” wives the community had to offer to attend to them and bear their children because they, as scholars, were the best that the community could produce.

Then, coming to America, these cosseted, cared-for men found that their language, their learning, their skills and their dedication were totally meaningless here.  My mother’s father found himself a rag picker on the streets of Philadelphia, saving pennies to bring his wife and relatives out of the dangers of Russian bondage.

Then he graduated to having a pushcart, which he wheeled through the streets selling vegetables, including slices of watermelon, for a penny. When the customer was finished with it, he would collect the rind and pickle it in stone crocks to sell for another penny for an inch of the tasty, pickled delicacy.

He brought one relative after another over on those pennies.

Eventually, he saved enough to rent, then buy, a store, then a building and then a few buildings.  But he never again had the opportunity to engage in his first love: Talmudic scholarship.

He was a bitter, brutal and broken man.

My father’s grandfather had insisted that, scholar though he was determined to become, he had to have a trade to “fall back on” if the scholarship business went bust, so to speak.  He apprenticed my paternal grandfather to a cabinet maker and only when he had completed that apprenticeship was he permitted to soak in the healing balm of Talmudic study.

So, when he came to the US, he was able to bring his wife and first three children here without quite as much difficulty. They had three more US-born children, of whom my father was the last.

But his father developed what we now call “Juvenile Diabetes” for which, at that time, there was neither treatment nor cure.

It was thought that pork, especially bacon, carried a necessary factor for the diabetic so, with great misgiving and distress, my grandmother gave up the kosher life-style she had practiced all her life, and adopted a non-kosher one to save her husband’s life.

It did not work, and she was left a poor widow with 6 children. She, too, was bitter, broken and bereft as well.

I grew up in a household where my mother lit candles every Friday night and sang the Hebrew blessing (not very accurately, I would later learn), mostly because she still had her mother’s brass candlesticks and it reminded her of the mother she had lost when only a young teen.

The family belonged for a bit to a Conservative Synagogue, but I do not remember it having any noticeable impact on my life except for the fact that we happily celebrated a couple of Jewish holidays (I got presents, although small ones, for 8 days whereas most of my classmates only got them on one day when winter came around) and I went to Sunday School on Saturday.

Then there was a fight of some sort and my parents left to join a new congregation of Reformed Jews where my father, an architect, got involved in the construction of a new synagogue.

This time Sunday school was on Sunday, but otherwise, nothing else was different.

So, I grew up knowing that I was Jewish, enjoying the celebrations, loving the music and the folk dance. But, at the same time, I was spending as many days and weekends as I could attending American Friends Service Committee World Affairs programs and Work Camp Weekends. As it happened, the Friends’ Meeting House where these wonderful, and formative, events took place was at the same Meeting House that William Penn built when he came to the New World with his family’s land grant from the British king.

Now it had indoor plumbing, though.

As a young teen, I joined a Zionist youth group called Young Judea.  I thought being a Zionist meant that I would have even more World Affairs events to attend and do even more folk dancing.  And it did, until I got thrown out for saying that I thought Arabs were full-blown human beings and not second class citizens and that they should be treated as such.  I went on to point out that, as Jews, we knew better than most peoples, what having your humanity ripped from you meant and that was not something we should ever do, for any reason.

I got the Bum’s Rush faster than you can say Gaza Strip, West Bank and Hamas! I was OUT of that organization and told that, although I was to be their National Vice President when school resumed, I was, as it turned out, not “leadership material”.

I was 14 years old.

I knew that I was right and that I had been punished for saying what was true out loud and persistently.

So, I am a secular, not an observant, Jew.  I did not understand, as a younger person, why it was important to me, personally, and my family and, literally, to the world, that Jews have their own State. I thought such sentiments were foolish and irrelevant.

Then I grew up enough to leave home to go to college and hit REAL, potentially lethal, hate-filled [sometimes] Bible or Koran-thumping antisemitism.

I realized that my disregard of the importance of a State, both as a bulwark of ideas and practices and as a place of safety, was both uninformed and based on naivete and ignorance.

And I realized that the artificial hatred induced and flamed by people like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and some virulent separatist Zionists had created a crucible which, if not tended carefully to tamp down and then extinguish the flames of hatred, would, inevitably, burn down the whole house.

Now we are, to quote Abraham Lincoln, engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, can long survive.

I believe that the ultimate beneficiaries of every tribal rivalry and hatred at this point are the murderous globalists who would like as many of us as possible to kill one another so they have less work to do to take over the remnants of human civilization and humanity.

I believe that intergroup hatred are fanned and accelerated with propaganda kerosine to make them hotter and less rational, serving only the far-off puppeteers and ultimate victors.

At the same time, I believe that moral equivalency serves them, too.

Whatever hardship the Hamas and PLO leaders continue to impose on their people, despite the billions and billions of aid that they receive for them, and appropriate for themselves and their weaponry, whatever vicious hatred both sides might believe in, what happened on October 7 was inexcusable and must stand with the worst acts of cowardice and terrorism in the annals of history.

Doped up on synthetic amphetamines to give them a sense of tranquility, enthusiasm, endurance and rage, the Hamas “fighters” “fought” women and babies and unarmed families and dancers and grandmothers, tying their hands and feet, torturing them, setting them on fire, riddling them with bullets, violating them, kidnapping them, while their Go-Pros showed them and their civilian brethren doing so, for between, according the information I have, 7 and 20 hours while they were totally unopposed.

They were, after all, unopposed in crossing one of the most secure and heavily guarded frontiers in the world and waltzing/riding/gliding/walking/driving across that frontier.

The gates were flung open. By whom?

The terrain and its occupants were left unguarded by any military unit for up to 20 hours. By whose order?

The support aircraft, advanced fighter jets and other craft, remained on the ground. Under whose command?

Several ‘someones’ wanted this slaughter, these atrocities to occur.

First, of course, the hardened, hopped-up, trained and drugged jihadists, Hamas. They are supported by their confreres in Gaza and elsewhere (Quatar, Iran, the US, France, etc., etc., etc.)

But so did, I have to conclude, people high up enough in the military line-up that they had the power to cause a multi-branch stand-down.

Sort of like the Vice President of the US turning off the entire Air Defense System of the Eastern half of the US on 9/11, seems to me.

And then you have the “justification” to destroy Hamas.

Qui Bono? Who benefits? The Globalist War Lords and their armaments profit machines. No one else.

But if you are looking to destroy the world, if you are a World Leader Sock Puppet or derivative Sock Puppet, you might, just might, sell the bodies of your people, in this case, the Israeli people, to a drug company a la Mengele, to be experimented upon and get rewarded in ways we can only imagine. In fact, that is precisely what Bibi Netanyahu did, in secret and for who knows what remuneration.

You might, just might, arrange a massive stand down to allow the atrocities to blossom and be bad enough to stop the huge anti-judicial reform oppositional demonstrations threatening your corrupt hegemony and glory in the ingeniousness of creating a war emergency so monstrous that nothing can cancel out the urgent need to stand together and stop the barbarians who were inside the house so recently and raped and killed and plundered and pillaged. Is that precisely what Bibi Netanyahu did, in secret, and for who knows what remuneration?

Did you let them in, Bibi, and then keep anyone from calling, as we say here in the US, 9/11?

Did you create your own stand-down, stand by, 9/11, Bibi?

And did your subsidiary sock puppets do the same, backing you up, Bibi?

Now to the fallout.

Gaza is being shelled.  Gaza and the West Bank have been shelling Israel for a long, long time.

The people of Israel were not told to evacuate civilian targets before they were raped and tortured and shot and burned. The people of Gaza, according to all reports, are being warned.

With the reluctant and limited exception of Egypt, it is my understanding that not one of their Arab neighbor nations, many of whom join the braying for the death of every one of their Jewish neighbors, will allow the Gazans into their countries.

Why? Are they not fellow Muslims, fellow Arabs? Perhaps because they know about the political danger they represent to any country where they, impoverished and emboldened by their masters, reside?

Once an evacuation route was established, it is pretty clear that it was Hamas that blocked it, not Israel. And, again according to what seems to be credible information, it was Hamas that shelled the fleeing refugees inside Gaza as they streamed to the one exit door they could reach that MIGHT be open to them.

We are told that a Palestinian baby is worth as much as an Israeli baby.  And I agree. All of them are incalculably precious.

I do not recall Israeli soldiers and civilians shooting, torturing, burning, slaughtering Palestinian babies while others looked on and cheered. I really cannot pull from my memory banks world Jewry dancing in the streets when the US lost thee buildings full of people or when unarmed, women, men, babies and grandparent Palestinians were Go-Pro’d being brutally slaughtered in utter cold blood.  Sorry. Memory fails me here.  Did I miss something that I should recall?

The poverty of the Palestinians, I repeat, has been alleviated many, many times over but the aid, like the $100 Million proposed by Biden for the same purpose, has been appropriated for personal gain by the immensely wealthy leaders and for offensive war purposes.

And the poor people, victims, are told that their rage and disappointment and wrath needs to be directed to Israel.

That is precisely, exactly, what the Pogroms in Eastern Europe were for, folks.

When the oppression of the peasants became too unbearable, the church and noble and civil society leaders made it dead clear to the masses that the reason for the poverty and bitterness of life was because of the Jews! Hurt them., Kill them. Burn them. Rape them. Punish them. Revenge yourselves.

“Ah, there, now”, croon the globalists.  That’s better, isn’t it?  Now let’s go on with the way things have always been: I get the good things and you get the propaganda. See you next time!”

Justify all you like. “Stand” with terrorists all you like.  Condemn the Sock Puppets who serve the evil ones, human or non-human, take your pick. But the fact is the fact has not changed since my grandparents fled the cruel, dangerous, unjust and insane manipulation of the ordinary for the gain and control of the great ones.

Yes, I am a Jew.  And, because I am a Jew, and because I am a human being, and because I am a geo-politically-aware person, I tell you that standing with and for anything except the removal and punishment of the sock puppets, the rapid unwinding from the supranational globalist control systems and the equitable reformatting of the control systems (start with getting the Hell out of WHO / UN and all related bodies and obligations) means approving endless war for nothing that benefits you or me.

Visit and learn more about what YOU can do to make this happen.

The Middle East is right next door, all over the planet.  Never again? HA! Either we recognize what happened and stop the repercussions NOW or we are giving tacit permission for our Would-Be Masters to destroy us, and largely by our own hands!

Make no mistake.  They want us, nearly all of us, dead. Perhaps the Vaccines will not do enough. Perhaps starvation will not do enough.  Perhaps tribal warfare will not do enough. Perhaps the mushroom clouds will be next.

Poof! Just like that. Just like Hamas destroyed those settlements and settlers, all of a sudden, with zero organized resistance.


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  1. My Friend, you are gravely misinformed on many fronts. First, Hamas was created and funded by ISRAEL, via Mossad. There is ample evidence to back this up. There is NO WAY that guys with hang-gliders can do a “sneak attack” on Israel, which is one of the MOST surveilled regions on the planet. You are extremely naive to buy that mainstream news nonsense about Hamas, while you contradict yourself and don’t buy their lies about the death jabs. YES there was an attack on October 7, but it was orchestrated and funded by the Israeli deep state.

    Also, 9-11 was orchestrated by Mossad with the help of a few in the U.S. Are you aware of the five “dancing Israelis” who were arrested after 9-11, who were caught with explosives in a van that was parked near the G.W. Bridge? Two of them were said to be Mossad agents. They failed lie detector tests, were detained for months, and then were SET FREE to go back to Israel, even though they had tried to blow up an American bridge. Most people have no clue this happened, yet it is public information.

    Also, Zionists STOLE the land of Palestine from Palestinians in order to create a Jewish state. Zionism is racist and antisemitic, manipulating both Jews and Arabs to fight against each other. There was mostly PEACE in Palestine before Zionists forced their way into the land, brutalizing Palestinians. Also, most Jews and non-Jews are using the word “antisemitic” wrong. Jews ARE NOT the only semitic peoples. And the white Jews that stole Palestine are not even genetically semitic, for the most part. The Arabs are true semitic people. Zionism will literally destroy Israel, because of its hubris. Just look at the puppet, Netanyahu. He is NO DIFFERENT than Hitler, of course, calling for genocide. However, this will ultimately backfire upon Israel. Please research on YouTube the whistleblower, Ronald Bernard, if you haven’t yet. The banking elites have been secretly funding both sides in wars for many decades.

    1. Hello Mr not a Zionist, my name is Jody, I’ve read both yours and Rimas comments, and I can tell that rimas heart is in the right place and she is definitely a fighter for humanity and im with her on that, but I do agree more on what you say, ive been trying to understand and get to the truth of what is going on in the middle east, I am a truth seeker and have done more research in the last three years than I ever did at school, so thankyou for your infomation I beleive it to be true because what you say about the elite and how they cause trouble between two races is exactly what they do, I don’t beleive a word that comes out of the main media’s mouths, we have been lied to our whole lives, and we have all been slaves to these evil elites and corrupt governments and all there paid minions our whole lives, these psychopaths want us dead and our betraying governments and others are being paid to help them do so, im disgusted in the inhumane acts of crime being inflicted on humanity , all because of their insatiable greed , all so they can line their already filled pockets with more money , the truth of what is and has been going on is horrifying, and the horror show continues, but only the truth can set us free, I honestly do not understand how still so many cannot see through the lies after all that has happened , , anyway thankyou Mr not a Zionist, I wish you all the best and also for rima, Jody .

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