New Study Set to Disprove Virology (Video)


Dr. Stefan Lanka, Ph.D. is a German biologist and former virologist (he doesn’t like to be called that anymore). He has long been speaking out about the pseudoscientific methods used to prove the existence of so-called viruses and he’s now conducting a new study to disprove virology once and for all.

Most virological research follows this format:

  1. Secretions from a sick person are introduced into a cell culture, along with other toxic chemicals. When cells are found to be damaged (called “cytopathic effects”), virologists conclude that there must be a virus present.
  2. Genetic material is separated out from patient secretions and analyzed using a computer program. Sequences are trimmed, fitted together, and manipulated until they find one that matches a ‘known’ virus. They then proclaim this to be the virus’s genome.
  3. Electron microscopy is performed on cell culture fluid. When scientists observe small particles under the microscope they proclaim this to be the ‘virus’.

Dr. Lanka’s study aims to reproduce this process, except they will be using proper control experiments to show that each one of these steps can be done without the presence of a virus.

  • In other words, cytopathic effects are observed due to cell starvation and the introduction of antibiotics and other toxic chemicals;
  • Computer programs can manufacture “viral” sequences without the need for an actual virus to be present and, finally;
  • The particles seen under the electron microscope are normal constituents of dead and dying cells.

This is the first study of its kind and it is truly revolutionary. Once complete, a hundred years of virological research will be shattered into tiny fragments.

Dr. Kaufman recently presented the preliminary results from the first phase of the study, which shows that, lo and behold, cytopathic effects are not due to a virus, but due to the nutrient-starved environment in which the cells are placed.

Here is a video of Dr. Lanka presenting the results. The video has been “dubbed” into English.

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