New York Imposing ‘Prison State Regulations’ Over COVID


NY Governor Hochul Overreaching


UPDATE:  There appears to be a media campaign of disinformation regarding the NY Health Tyranny Regs.  Some report that the Regs were going to be adopted by the Department of Health yesterday, but there is no confirmation in any standard media source.  We take that to mean that the formal adoption may not occur until the 15th.  In any event NOW is the time to act.  Every delay in adoption indicates that the COVID narrative is collapsing.  NOW is the time to redouble PUSH BACK. You must act NOW.

NY’s Unelected Governor Kathy Hochul is creating totalitarian Prison State “Regulations” to:

1. Indefinitely detain anyone she (or her agents) declare to be “a Health Risk” of any kind for any reason. There is no due process or appeal permitted.
2. Allow school nurses to “vaccinate” any child regardless of parental wishes. There is no exemption, due process or appeal permitted.
3. Require un- “vaccinated” people to wear masks in public without a health emergency of any kind. There is no exemption, due process or appeal permitted.
4. Greatly expand the number of employees who must receive the COVID “vaccines”. There is no exemption, due process or appeal permitted.
5. No religious exemptions will be allowed for those employees so compelled and employers will have to maintain records on their “vaccination” status and make them available to the NY State Department of Health.

These regulations, intended to be “minor rules” allowing procedures to be carried out, are a major assault on US and NY Constitutional rights and freedoms — without legislative approval.

They cannot be allowed to sneak into our lives, totally overturning the absolute right of Informed Consent.

Whether you live in NY or not (and we have learned that Washington State and Utah are currently following the same totalitarian slope of descent), it is urgent that you take action to tell the officials of New York

That this is totally unacceptable.

Remember, a bill accomplishing the same things languished for 6 years in the New York State Assembly (State Legislature) and was finally withdrawn after it became clear that it could never be passed.

Governor Hochul is trying the old ‘regulation end-run’ to accomplish the same tyrannical goals.

Note that the bill was introduced long, long before anyone outside of a few globalist planners had ever heard of COVID-19.

Click here — — to take action by automatically sending emails to the Governor, Commissioner of Health and 219 other NY leaders in a Targeted Action.

Use this link — — to share this widely on social media to spread the word and the resistance to this total abridgement of health freedom.

Use this link — — to support Health Freedom.

Yours for health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Here is the Form Letter that the above Action Item generates and sends to 221 NY officials.

I am writing to you at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation which has alerted me to the assault on health freedom and constitutional rights posed by the frightening, unwarranted, unscientific and irrational regulations proposed by Governor Kathy Hochul.

These regulations would allow, without exemption, due process or appeal,
– the indefinite incarceration and detainment of anyone designated a “public health risk” at any time for any (or no) reason,
– the injection of substances not approved by parents into the bodies of their children by a school nurse
– the mandatory injection of a large class of workers in a variety of facilities without religious exemption
– the maintenance and provision of health records on these employees by employers to the New York State Department of Health
– the declaration by the governor of the need for certain people (here “unvaccinated” persons) to identify themselves by mask wearing in public at all times, in the absence of a health emergency or other rational requirement for such face covering.

These measures are abhorrent on every level and violate not only ethical and moral standards of decency, but are a direct assault on the Constitutional and statutory rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York and its relevant laws.

Further, these regulations, slated to be rubber stamped and approved on February 15, 2022, are to go into effect on March 2, 2022.

Not based in science (the vast majority of masks are now admitted by the CDC to be ineffective in preventing disease transmission, as are the COVID “vaccines”), these measures are the foundation for a state of tyranny and capricious oppression, overturning the rule of law and the rights of everyone in the State of New York.

I urge you in the strongest terms to use your influence and constitutional authorities, consistent with your Oath of Office, to take every measure available to you to stop this horrifying move on the part of the Governor.

I would greatly appreciate a follow up letter from your office notifying me of your efforts and that, let us fervently hope, they have been successful.

Yours in health and freedom,

Here are the citations backing this letter:

References (non live links at the bottom of the page)

Seizure and imprisonment of suspected public health risks, Amendment of Part 2, Section 405.3 and Addition of Section 58-1.14 to Title 10 NYCRR (Investigation of Communicable Disease; Isolation and Quarantine)
Permanent authority to order masks, Amendment of Section 2.60 of Title 10 NYCRR & Repeal of Subpart 66-3 of Title 10 NYCRR (Face Coverings for COVID-19 Prevention)
Expanding workers required to get Covid shots, Addition of Section 2.61 to Title 10 NYCRR, Amendment of Sections 405.3, 415.19, 751.6, 763.13, 766.11, 794.3 & 1001.11 of Title 10 NYCRR & Sections 487.9, 488.9 and 490.9 of Title 18 NYCRR (Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission by Covered Entities

14 thoughts on “New York Imposing ‘Prison State Regulations’ Over COVID

  1. The medical system has been hijacked and this bill is not about protection of health or about any virus. This is an assault on our personal divine human rights of citizens freedom to live on earth.

    1. This is outrageous to propose such a tyrannical bill imprisoning New Yorkers or any American citizen in our free country for choosing not to vaccinate! This is an absolute assault on our freedoms as American citizens and the Constitution which was written to protect humanity against a totalitarian Government. Officials are elected to serve the people with the American citizens best interest in mind, not politics or money getting in the way when making decisions.

  2. This is totally unacceptable! This tyrant was not even elected and should be deposed immediately! She wants to imprison the very people she is sworn to serve and completely ignoring the Constitution and it’s protections to do it! Shame on anyone who sits quietly and watch our freedoms disappear. It’s time to wake up!

    1. It is unconstitutional and poor governing on the part of governor Hochul to instill her tyrannical agenda on her constituents or anyone for that matter. It had nothing to do with our health or protecting others.

  3. To everyone who’s reading this:

    Please send this page to EVERYONE YOU KNOW, and request that they TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION, as Dr. Rima says, to SEND EVERY NYS LEGISLATOR (and I would also say the NYS GOVERNOR) YOUR PROTEST.

  4. Sounds like this woman is not a human. BUt in case she really is, lets hope TRUCKERS will block all the streets around her house so that she can only walk while being QUESTIONED BY NORMAL HEALTH HUMANS.

  5. Please take swift action NOT to approve in any form the regulations detailed in this letter. They are abhorrent!

  6. This is America not communist China where a dictator tells their people what to do! This is outrageous to even propose such a tyrannical bill imprisoning humanity in our free country for exercising their right to choose to vaccinate or not. Did one forget there is freedom of choice in this country! This is an absolute assault on our freedoms and the Constitution which was written to protect humanity against a totalitarian Government. Governor Hochul you are in an appointed position and others that were elected are to serve the people, American citizens with their best interest in mind, not politics or money getting in the way. This is a far reach and we the people object to this over the top reach for power!

  7. The detention of anyone deemed a health risk for unnamed reasons is outrageously UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The idea was in a bill pulled from the NY state legislature in Jan 2022 b/c of citizen outcries. mRNA shots cause deaths from blood clots, heart damage and shattering, neurological injuries. See the VAERS reports. This is not about health but authoritarian control with passports. Kathy Hochul’s recent announcement in the NYT that she’s lifting the “mask-or-vaccine” mandates for public businesses in NYC is just a ploy to put us of off guard about these strangulating regulations she wants implemented. And she is not elected to represent us!

  8. This is not acceptable, this is against my constitution rights. Do not pass this law. I’m outraged to think you could even suggest such a law.

  9. In God we trust He rules in the affairs of men the government is on His shoulders. He reigns and she will be removed

  10. Do Not Impose or Enforce these proposed Draconian laws. I am an Attorney and I will join forces with colleagues to fight this!

  11. These regulations are absolutely unconstitutional and inhumane! As a U.S citizen I strongly oppose the regulations that Gov. Kathy Hochul is trying to pass. It is every citizen’s right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. The fact that it is even called a vaccine is absurd!
    We have established that “vaccinated “ people are still getting covid just the same as they would if they weren’t vaccinated. Every person has the right to choose what’s best for themselves and their family! We need to respect that right! She should be ashamed of herself for trying to pass such insane regulations!

  12. You may need to do a litter better with the references I followed just two and neither end up to the codes. How about direct links?

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