No More: Texas Lawmakers Moving to Put An End to Despicable ‘Child Drag’ Shows

Enough is enough.

A Texas lawmaker is introducing legislation to put an end to drag queen performances in the presence of children in the state.

Rep. Bryan Slaton of Rose City announced in a Monday tweet that he intends to file legislation to criminalize the practice in the next legislative session.

Slaton announced the legislation in response to disturbing video footage captured at an Oak Lawn homosexual bar over the weekend.

The establishment hosted a “family-friendly” drag queen show with children in attendance on Saturday.

Video from the event shows male transsexuals dressed as strip club performers dancing in the presence of children.

The sick event — billed as “Bring the Kids to Pride” — featured the phrase “it’s not gonna lick itself” in neon letters.

Dallas Police arrived at the scene of the performance, but the authorities allowed the event to proceed.

Slaton, a former pastor, indicated that Speaker Dean Phelan and Texas House Republicans find the child drag show equally objectionable.

It’s possible Slaton’s legislation will find broad support in the Texas legislature, although leftists have accused the performance’s critics of discrimination against homosexuals.

Slaton previously backed legislation to bar surgeons from performing “gender transition” castration surgeries on minors.

There is no such thing as a “family-friendly drag show.”

These include the right for adults to attend drag show events, or not.

That distinction stops with children, who cannot consent to sexual activity.




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