Nobody Is Coming To Save Us!

Written by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA


It has, for one reason or another, been a scary day. Driving back home I called in at a petrol station to buy some fuel. The only local place won’t take cash so I put my credit card into the machine and pressed a few buttons. To my relief the machine accepted the numbers.

I reached for the nozzle, ready to start pumping fuel when I noticed a new message on the pump’s small screen. I can’t remember the exact words but the gist of it was that my card had been rejected.

The petrol station wouldn’t take my card and they wouldn’t take cash.

So the car and I limped home at 10 miles per hour, hoping not to run out of fuel on the way.

I then spent a good portion of what life I have left ringing the bank to find out what had happened. Apparently, the bank had sent me a new card which had, for unknown reasons, been returned to sender by Royal Mail.

`So, why doesn’t my existing card work?’ I asked the man at the bank.

`Well, since your new card had come back, we cancelled your old card,’ explained the bank. They didn’t bother to ask me. They just cancelled it. You haven’t got your new card so now your old card doesn’t work.

Leaving me with no credit card in an almost cashless world.

And I suddenly had a glimpse of the dystopian society which awaits in the new world they’re preparing for us. Technically, I can still buy food, though I can’t get to the food shops because I can’t buy fuel for the car. I can’t buy anything online, of course. And I can’t pay bills. The cancelling of my existing card means that online accounts no longer work.

I did, however, get onto the internet where I found out what’s happening in Slovenia where they have just introduced laws which seem to mean that unless you’ve been vaccinated and wear a mask you can’t buy anything except basic food and medical supplies – but only if the shop you use isn’t in a shopping centre.

That’s it.

The Slovenia website is a bit complicated and there’s a lot of it but it seems that if you live in or go to Slovenia you can’t buy a pair of socks or a new kettle unless you’ve been properly jabbed or can prove that you’ve recovered from covid-19 within the last six months. You can’t go into any cultural or sports event either. Not much you can do. Can’t go into a hotel either.

So, your next holiday in Slovenia could well be spent sleeping under a hedge. That’ll be fun.

Then I saw that the Government in the UK is introducing a digital driving licence which they say is in order to make transport greener and more efficient.

So that will go onto your digital passport, together with your vaccination record, your full medical records, all your banking and financial details, your pension, your passport, your travel history and your entire shopping history. All held on your smart phone.

When is that going to happen?

Unless we manage to stop it, I give it two years at the absolute most. Everything you do will be measured, registered and controlled. Buy too much sugary or fatty food and I believe you’ll lose your right to buy food.

Oh and your energy consumption will be on your digital passport too. If your carbon credits have all gone then, unless you’re a billionaire with a few forests to balance your consumption, you won’t be allowed any more electricity.

Why do you think they’re so keen on us all having smart meters? It’s not to save you 10 pence a year. It’s so that they can switch off your supplies if you’re not behaving.

Then I read about the man who fell and broke a couple of ribs.

He had no symptoms except the usual pain.

The hospital gave him a covid test. Positive. They tested him again and he was negative but they shoved him onto a covid ward anyway. He had difficulty in breathing, which is not surprising since he had broken ribs, so they put him on a ventilator and fed him an end of life cocktail.

He died. Another covid-19 statistic.

When I heard that NHS staff in the UK were threatening to go on strike, my first thought was to wonder how many lives that would save. It’s not widely known but mortality rates invariably fall when medical staff go on strike – even in less dystopian time. The NHS is now the National Covid Service – devoted to one disease and one disease alone.

Next, I saw that they’re rushing ahead with double jabbing the frail and the elderly. A covid booster in one arm and a flu jab in the other. Where is the evidence showing that’s safe? Look on the back of your hand. That’s as much evidence as there is. Where is the research evidence proving that booster jabs are necessary and safe? Look at the back of your hand again.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any scarier I read that they are now planning to give the Pfizer vaccine to babies as young as six months this winter. That’s in the USA but it will be everywhere else too. Pfizer are doing in-house trials to show that it will be safe and effective. Jabs for children aged 5 to11 will be started in October or November.

I’ve been writing and speaking about the side effects associated with the covid jabs since last year. Look at my website or watch my other videos for details about the risks for children. Even the Daily Mail reports that the risk of a healthy child needing to go into an ICU will be two per million. But the myocarditis risk after the Pfizer jab is 12 to 34 per million. Myocarditis kills, of course. And that’s just one of the deadly adverse events. There are far more children condemned to life in a wheelchair, surviving with a feeding tube, because of the covid jab than from covid-19.

And the brainwashing and fear creation is getting worse. I saw a Daily Mail headline which said `Covid Delta variant will hunt down anyone who has not had the jab.’

What are they doing? Giving the Delta variant a Sherlock Holmes kit? Variants are a normal process but are being used to force people to have more jabs and to cover up jab injuries. The now (admitted to be) exaggerated ‘long covid’ is also being used to cover up jab injuries.

The flu always has variations. And one year’s flu jab doesn’t work for next year’s flu.

Young teenagers who understand what is happening now have bucket lists – things to do before their world ends. This is happening so fast.

I’m not trying to scare you but the future isn’t pretty and things are moving very quickly now. In some ways we’re at the beginning of this war but we’re also near the end.

It has always been a danger to assume that someone is going to come and save us. Put your trust in the plan and we’ll be OK.

It’s now the same with the lawyers.

Around the world there are armies of lawyers promising all sorts of solutions. They’ve been making promises, and raising money, for a year. I used to think they would help. I made at least one video supporting the lawyers. I thought that they would use money they’ve been given to force immediate action – judicial reviews for example.

What’s happened in the last couple of days has convinced me that was wrong. The lawyers aren’t going to save us at all and we have to stop relying on them.

Why? Well, first they are talking of things happening in three, six, nine or twelve month’s time. That’s far too slow. In the last couple of days I’ve realised just how far gone this fight really is. Look at Slovenia.

Now, they’re planning to jab six-month-old babies with a deadly experimental jab that doesn’t do what people think it does and is far more dangerous than the disease it is supposed to prevent. Are they going to allow six-month-old babies to decide whether they are jabbed? I wouldn’t bet against it.

And attempts to obtain freedom for doctors to speak out won’t be any good either. For one thing most doctors believe in the fraud; they’ve been bought. They haven’t done any research. They wouldn’t speak out even if they could. Thousands of GPs have more or less shut their doors. They work at home for internet medical services and they make a fortune out of allowing their staff to give the jabs. And now they want extra money to see patients – just what they’re paid for. Has a profession ever sunk so low so quickly?

And who would report what doctors said if they could and did speak out? This has always been a media war. The mainstream media will not give space or airtime to doctors questioning the fraud or the jabs.

If lawyers want to do things pro-bono, with their own time and money, that’s fine. After all they’ve got kids and parents and lives that are about to fall apart in the dystopian nightmare of the Great Reset. Most of those working against the lies and the corruption are doing it without expecting to be paid for our work because we know we have no choice.

But we shouldn’t put any faith in the lawyers. They are not the answer.

There is something ironic in the fact that the zombies are trusting the drug companies – which have been proven to be the most fraudulent, dishonest companies on earth – while many in the Resistance Movement have put their trust in lawyers.

Attempts to use the law to bring down the establishment will, I believe, fail because the law is now the establishment and the establishment is the law. Every part of the establishment is lined up against us. However kindly and pastoral a lawyer might be he will not be able to bring down a totalitarian regime before we all become slaves of a corrupt and venal system.

I’m sure some of the lawyers have good intentions but I also fear they don’t understand the nature of the war we are fighting, the maliciousness of our opponents or the speed at which things are unfolding.

Already, millions have been driven not from their homes but from their lives; driven away from their hopes and expectations by deliberately, widely engineered fear. The jabs, remember, aren’t an end – they are just a beginning.

So, what do we do? We have to spread the truth, to recruit more support, to strengthen our own determination and to prepare ourselves.

I’ve been saying for eighteen months – since I first warned that mandatory jabs were coming – this is a media war.

They’ve been demonising those of us asking questions about vaccines for decades. The anti-vaxx lobby has been established – and attacking me and others – for many years. And the attacks, the demonization and the bans have been around for a long time. Years ago I was banned in China because I wrote a column for a Chinese newspaper and in one column I questioned the enthusiasm for vaccination. My books were removed from sale. All I did was ask questions and tell the truth. The Daily Mail announced that I wrongly claim to be a doctor but in the past they hired me as a doctor to write for them.

I’ve been banned from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. And expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for daring to tell the truth. Dozens of my videos have been censored and removed from YouTube. I’ve had books banned in the UK and in other countries. They might as well reintroduce book burning globally. You and I will soon be locked out of society. There will be no return to the old normal unless we make it happen.

We have to use what elements of the media we can.

Subscribe to the Light Paper. Yes, I write a column for it but I don’t get paid. In fact I buy my copies of the paper like everyone else. Become a distributor and pass copies to neighbours and friends. It’s an amazing source of independent, accurate, information.

Download the leaflets on my website and on the and on other sites – print them out, share them, put them through letter boxes. Leaflets will help us win this war far more effectively than lawyers. Spend money on printing leaflets.

Get rid of your smart phone. The digital passports will depend upon smart phones. If you don’t have a smart phone they can’t force you to hand over your life to the State.

Visit the website astandinthe – which holds Sunday morning meetings in 900 public parks around the world. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

Take a look at . It’s a directory where principled people can find independent businesses locally. I haven’t been able to check them all out but it’s a good starting point for finding those who understand and respect the old normal.

And visit the websites I list at the end of all my videos.

The transcript of this video will be on my websites so you can check out these addresses.

Finally, start thinking of survival. I’ve been warning for a year about food shortages and rising food prices. Energy prices are going to soar because of the global warming nutters. Tens of thousands of old people will die because they can’t afford to stay warm in cold weather – and we can thank the lying, cheating global warming cultists for that as energy prices rise to the stratosphere.

Think of growing some of your own food. You can grow vegetables in buckets or big plant pots. You don’t need a big garden. If you have an open fire in your home make sure it works safely. Plan to live in one room if necessary.

This isn’t a game. We don’t have time to wait for someone else to save us. The lawyers are going to be too late. Where have they got so far?

We have to save ourselves from the tyranny which now rules every aspect of our lives. Remember they want to give the deadly, experimental jab to six-month-babies. And, despite the evidence, they’re already giving it to 12-year-olds. That’s what used to be called child abuse. The last couple of days have terrified me.

And pray to your God to give us the strength to save ourselves.

I was not previously religious. But I made a large wooden cross which we have in our garden to appeal to God. I pray regularly. And I fly the Jolly Roger flag to announce my independence of tyranny.


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