Open Letter to the NY Jewish Community

An Open Letter to the New York Jewish Community
#Vaxxicide #StopVaxxApartheid #StopIllegalVaccines
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[This letter was submitted earlier today to a number of leading health freedom advocates in the New York Jewish community, as part of an ongoing email discussion regarding the claimed New York measles outbreak.]

Received this note from Rima Laibow, MD:

“As a psychiatrist and New York physician of Jewish heritage I am appalled at the government “public health” authorities’ attack on the community’s deeply-held conscientious objections to what our courts have held to be “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines. We love and protect our children. We cannot submit to unjust authority. We will not be silent as we are targeted for our beliefs. Please get the word out: stop all illegal vaccines!”  What Dr. Rima recommends:

Folks, I think we need to listen to the good doctor. I think we are missing the boat. The issue before the public, and therefore, the issue of opportunity that we have had presented to us in New York is NOT whether measles is or is not the cause of the rash. That is a potentially correct, but, at this point, fundamentally irrelevant question.

The relevant question, which we have a chance to push forward in a unique and powerful way, is the legal issue: as Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s recent FOIA law suit proved, every single vaccine in the US is an illegally approved drug and, as such, must, MUST, be withdrawn by FDA from the market until (and if) it is demonstrated to be legally permissible. If FDA fails to act, the Courts are then empowered to act.

In the case of every vaccine, that means that it must be shown to be BOTH safe and effective and an annual report has been presented EACH YEAR to the Congress of the United States showing that EACH vaccine is safe, effective AND safer than previous vaccines of its own type and of other types.

That is the law adopted in 1986 and flagrantly violated by the responsible agencies ever since. The Childhood Vaccine Injury Act conditioned the special protection against lawsuits for vaccine injuries, and new vaccine approvals on both the “more safe” requirement and the required reports to Congress.

Hence, the opportunity that we have, never before presented to us in such useful terms, is to support the necessary withdrawal of all vaccine approvals by the FDA.

This has been presented to the FDA in a legal format called a Citizens’ Petition filed at on March 5, 2018 as FDA-2019-P-1130-0001. More here:

The FDA has 90 days to respond.

We need to bring this fact to our communities of interest and do everything we can to bring this information and the link where people can sign on to the Petition to everyone we can possibly reach.

This is an opportunity made in Freedom of Choice Heaven and if we lose it, it will not help our cause in the slightest as the vax forces ramp up in New York, as they are doing in California and elsewhere, to force all vaxxes onto all of us.

This is an emergency which a debate, however learned and correct, on pollution vs. viruses vs. vaccines will never resolve.

Further, in support of this Citizens’ Petition there is a White House Petition designed to increase pressure via the political pressure points of public awareness and outcry currently in play– another opportunity to push back in a very public way. That petition will ask the president to intervene, and it, too, is of great strategic importance.

These are the legal tools which Robert F. Kennedy’s suit has put into our hands.

The battle is to the death of health freedom. The Citizens’ Petition can be a huge battering ram and cannon ball.

Let’s get it activated. Please share this link with all your circles of influence:

Ralph Fucetola JD
Institute for Health Research
Vice President
Natural Solutions Foundation

PS: Here is Dr. Rima on the “measles outbreak” —

And this from Counsel Kent —

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