#Don’tYouDare “Are We Seeing the Beginning of Vaccine Fascism?” Asks a Reader. Here’s Dr. Rima’s Answer

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, January 28, 2021

I get emails from a question board called Quora and lately people have been asking me to answer questions about the COIVD-19 vaccines and disease. Today I received a request to answer “Are We Seeing the Beginning of Vaccine Fascism?” and posted my answer. 

I am reposting it here in the hopes that it will be something that Open Source Truth readers can share with their friends, families and colleagues who still think that getting a vaccine for COVID-19 makes some sort of sense or, even worse, endorse the idea that people should be forced to do so instead of asserting their right of Informed Consent and refusing those vaccines. The means to assert it is available here: Combinations of Advance Medical Directive Cards | Product categories | Natural Solutions Online Store (nsfmarketplace.com).

Here’s my answer to the question “Are we seeing the Beginning of Vaccine Fascism?”

No, we are not seeing the beginning of vaccine fascism, we are seeing the expansion of vaccine fascism.

Recall that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have touted that they are wildly effective, but the definition of “effective” is that they supposedly reduce the number of people testing positive without any evidence whatsoever that the vaccines will reduce transmission, reduce disease incidence or reduce severity of symptoms if disease dose develop. And on the basis of testing results using PCR and antibody tests, both of which the CDC, FDA and WHO have acknowledged are highly inaccurate, we are now being told that vaccine “passports” will be required for various activities, including travel sand employment, education and social interactions.

All this, by the way, for a disease with a survival rate of greater than 99%.

Mandatory vaccination laws, including those which strip people of their religious and philosophical exemption rights and make medical exemptions virtually unobtainable, despite the medical requirements of the patient, are now commonplace in many US States and in many countries as well.

These mandates, requirements and restrictions violate the established national and international right of Informed Consent. That right is assured in any country in the world which has ratified the Geneva Convention (which includes virtually every country in the world) and is enshrined in the complying national legislation which must follow the ratification of an international treaty. That is not a choice that the ratifying nation has since an international treaty IS an agreement to make the laws stipulated in the treaty part of the legal structure of the ratifying nation.

So virtually every country in the world affirms legally that people have the right to refuse any medical intervention for some reason or no reason and that includes vaccines, of course.

Some countries enshrine that right in their constitutions and laws, some only in their laws.

Now, with the deceptive and unnecessary hysteria about the COVID “pandemic”, which is easily challenged on the validated fact that mortality rates have NOT increased during the past year although virtually all deaths are categorized as COVID deaths, has made it seem as if mandating vaccination is essential for the public good.

First of all, nothing could be further from the truth. The novel mRNA technology is precipitating approximately 2.4% serious immediate adverse reactions wherever it is being administered ranging from continuous severe tremor, life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, immune dysregulation, severe pain, Bell’s Palsy, death, etc. (56 people are dead in Gibraltar after the administration of 5847 doses of Pfizer’s experimental vaccine, for example, a rate in excess of 1 death /100 doses [1]).

Fauci admitted that he was, quite literally, making up the “Herd Immunity” numbers based on whatever he judged he could get people to accept, raising the number of people who must be vaccinated to achieve that mythical status while WHO has eliminated community immunity from its definition of how we learn to live with a virus or bacteria as a population, leaving only the achievement of immunity from vaccination. This, of course, flies in the face of immunological reality since humoral or circulating immunity and cellular or fixed immunity are quite different and vaccines do not provide the same protection against disease as meeting the virus or bacteria and developing meaningful immunity to it. None the less, the vaccine pushers are touting the idea that it vaccines represent our ONLY source of immunity in order to stampede us into vaccination through mandates.

The logic and the science are faulty, but the propaganda drumbeats are ceaseless.

However, vaccine fascism, or Faucism, as I prefer to call it, can be countered by making the reality, rather than the deceit available to as many people as possible so that as many people ass possible will assert their right of Informed Consent as clearly and effectively as possible.

Natural Solutions Foundation has created tools to allow that effectively and rapidly. You can learn more by visiting www.OpenSourceTruth.com.

[1] #Don’tYouDare Vaxx Massacre on Gibraltar: More than 1/100 Dead from Pfizer Vaxx in 10 days – Only 16 Died of COVID in 2020 – Open Source Truth


5 thoughts on “#Don’tYouDare “Are We Seeing the Beginning of Vaccine Fascism?” Asks a Reader. Here’s Dr. Rima’s Answer

  1. My understanding is that a virus is a blob of DNA with no cell structure. So, how can the alleged virus be represented as perfectly spherical, and adorned with regularly spaced, geometrically precise spikes?

  2. They haven’t isolated a virus. They can’t make a vaccine if they don’t have “the virus” in it. Amazon, the bookselling arm of the NSA as I see it, banned Sally Fallon’s book on the subject. New Trends Publishing carries it, but as usual, censorship-happy Amazon is keeping the public in the dark. People are “getting sick” from improper nutrition combined with toxic food additives (including glyphosate) and 5 G, among other toxins in our lives. I just visited my old neighborhood and saw a monstrous behemoth of a 5G tower disguised as a metal pine tree. They also have a huge celltower right by the middle school (it’s near ground level too, about 10 feet off the ground!). And people are wondering gee, why is everyone getting cancer? I just got an email saying that my one aunt was diagnosed with cancer. Of course you can’t tell her anything, sadly, she’ll do the usual surgery/chemo/radiation and probably will die anyway, just like all my other relatives who got cancer died from the ‘treatment’. But we have to worry about a non-existent virus, right…..

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