2 thoughts on “Patents Prove Ardis Claims of Global Envenomation, Serpent Family Connection to Fauci

  1. The SARS-CoV-2 spike with ~1300 amino acids(!!) does have COUNTLESS pieces matching to not only snake but humans proteins. We know PCR tests are fraud to even begin with, BUT IN THIS CASE detecting an enzyme, a PROTEIN(!!) with a PCR test is literally a complete nonsense! I realized that just now!
    I like Dr. Ardis and everything he does, A LOT, BUT the water story is a very small piece of the fact, that yes, there might be SOMETHING in the water and YES we need to PROTECT OUR WATERS, but the real fact is WATCH 5G, WATCH GENETICS and the SYNTHETIC modified mRNA which TURNS HUMANS INTO GMO OBJECTS(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), WATCH SCIENTISTS (INCLUDING EVERYONE OF THEM IN CDC/FDA/NIH/etc) WHO RUIN THIS WORLD AND ITS PEOPLE!!!

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