Pfizer CEO calls people spreading vaccine ‘misinformation’ criminals

Pfizer CEO calls people spreading vaccine ‘misinformation’ criminals
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has blamed people spreading “misinformation” on Covid-19 vaccines for the loss of “millions of lives,” and declared that things can only go “back to normal” once they take the jab.

Speaking to the NATO-backed Atlantic Council think tank on Tuesday, Bourla said that a “very small” group of people are spreading “misinformation” on Covid-19 vaccines, his company’s own shots included.

“Those people are criminals,” he told Atlantic Council CEO Frederick Kempe.

They’re not bad people. They’re criminals because they have literally cost millions of lives.

Bourla’s words echo those of US President Joe Biden, who during the summer accused social media platforms of “killing people” by offering a platform to vaccine skeptics and opponents. Though Biden later walked his comments back, he still insisted that “bad information” was supposedly responsible for deaths.

“The only thing that stands between the new way of life and the current way of life is, frankly, hesitancy to vaccinations,” he told Kempe.  While studies have shown the efficacy of Pfizer’s vaccine to wane with time, and although the vaccinated can still catch and become sick from Covid-19 regardless, Bourla insisted that mass vaccination will result in daily life going “back to normal.”

At the same time, should any cases of side effects of Pfizer’s vaccine emerge, the developer will not be held criminally accountable. Pharmaceutical companies are shielded from liability in the event of vaccine-induced injuries or deaths in the US, UK, EU, and multiple other jurisdictions.

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have declared Pfizer’s vaccine ‘safe and effective’.


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