Pfizer – EU Contracts Exposed Terrible Concerns About The FDA! Dr. Jane Ruby! [VIDEO]

We need transparency!

Everyone knows that vaccines are harmful, and people shouldn’t get them. In the past time, we constantly reported on the side effects from the shot reported to the VAERS! People have to understand that those aren’t fake numbers.

What the MSM shows on TV are lies!

Take a look at the video below and hear what Dr. Jane Ruby has to tell you!


Here’s the transcription:

Dr. Gina Loudon: Hearing a lot more about documents being exposed, about truth coming to light regarding not just Fauci, but even just the involvement of some of the drug companies, maybe even with some of the media companies and things like that, and you had a particular document that you discovered, and tell us about that.

Dr. Jane Ruby: Yes. Pfizer put out a redacted version of its contracts. You know, Pfizer has contracts. I don’t know if people know this or not, all over the world. I’m sure they have one with the United States. But the one that I was able to see unredacted was a contract between Pfizer and the European Union Commission, which obligates all of the member countries to participate. Pfizer has no responsibility, Dr. Gina, for contamination, for lack of delivery. It’s just unbelievable. And in three quarters alone, the Q3 last year, up until Q3, 2 to 3 this year, Pfizer had a contract with the EU for 200 million doses, Dr. Gina at 17 euros and 50 cents, that’s $3.1 billion. But look, they have they take no responsibility. They have an agreement. They forced these countries to agree to no serialization. Now that’s different from lot numbers. Lot numbers just kind of differentiate batches that the company makes, but serialization actually is required by U.S. law. There was an act and what that does is it prevents counterfeiting of drugs. It also creates a traceability and visibility of the supply chain process. So by getting the European countries to agree to drop, you know, for Pfizer was not responsible for serialization. There’s no way to trace from manufacturing to, you know, to delivery point. There are lots of dangerous things happening that I’ve never seen in my 20 years in pharma drug development from the regulatory side. Our FDA is gone, Dr. Gina, it’s collapsed. I don’t believe it exists anymore as we once knew it.

This is what someone commented online.

“Wow. It reminds me of “we’re all in this together”… Nope! Pfizer is in it for Pfizer who, it seems, saw scared bureaucrats & politicians coming a mile off, & rubbed their hands together with glee. Who TF negotiates this sort of contract and thinks it’s a fair deal?”


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