Predictable Government Insanity

Deadly Flu Needs Silver — Only 84 Left!

Predictable Government Insanity
CDC Announces This Year’s Flu Is Unusually Deadly,
But Admits Vaccines Are Ineffective,
till Advise Everyone to Get the Jab

More Insanity:
“The Flu Vax Cannot Hurt You Since the Virus is ‘Dead‘ (sic).”

The official drug pushers overlook the fact that viruses are not alive in the first place; viral and other injected DNA is always dangerous; and aluminum in the flu vaccines, like other injected metals, is highly inflammatory and toxic.

You have heard those voices on TV and the Internet telling you, “The virus used in the vaccines is dead and cannot hurt you.”  Those voices do not explain how viruses work. ALL VIRUSES ARE DEAD. They work as follows: a virus is a tiny packet of viral DNA which injects itself into your living cells and forces them to reproduce the virus.  When the viruses reproduce they burst the captured cells, releasing further infectious particles into the body.  The flu virus itself, though technically “dead” can still pass from person to person. The recently vaccinated shed viral particles and put us all at risk.

To make matters worse, the vaccines ‘choose’ new and sometimes deadly flu strains to become endemic, which may be happening this year. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) “guesses” each year what strains of the flu are likely to be present the next year, for inclusion in the flu vaccine. Perhaps that choice, through vaccine viral shedding, determines which strain of the flu does take over. And so, the CDC proudly claims to be “right” 80% of the time.  So what do the public health “authorities” offer as a “solution?”

Their ‘solution’ is more vaccines, more autism, more death.

The Natural Solution is –

  1. Avoid vaccines like the plague
  2. Support your immune system with non-toxic, effective Nano Silver.

Our Nano Silver 10 PPM is wildly popular; only 84 bottles left in the warehouse. We never know how long it will take to manufacture the next lot.  I would strongly advise ordering your ample supply now, while supplies last. Most adults find that a capfull a day is sufficient and the 16 ounce bottle provides 96 servings.

Obtain Your Nano Silver here:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
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A note from Counsel Ralph: No matter what state you live in, you DO have the right to refuse all vaccines by asserting your universal right of Informed Consent. Find out more here: The life you save may be your own.

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