Prion Producing mRNA Vaccines May Be The Biggest Public Health Misstep Of All Time

As more information comes out, it looks totally sinister what the media and Big Pharma did: lied every step of the way. Last month, just as this information was starting to become popularized, Reuters put out an article saying there’s no validity to these claims — trying to get the public not to focus on the prion generating possibility, when it’s now known to science!

I thought we were to “trust the science,” wherever that science leads, not cover it up!

Certain small chemical processes can cause a protein to misfold, becoming a prion, which then creates more misfolds. There is no known cure and prion diseases like madcow are eventually fatal. Researchers believe the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein throws off a zinc ion, and that error starts the misfold nightmare.

Certain small chemical processes can cause a protein to misfold, becoming a prion, which then creates more misfolds. There is no known cure and prion diseases like madcow are eventually fatal. Researchers believe the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein throws off a zinc ion, and that error starts the misfold nightmare.

Uh, there is total validity to the claims about mRNA-generated spike protein and prion generation. They have not been debunked even remotely, and more scientific studies are on the way. This is why I ultimately didn’t trust the same people in the media who told me I was wrong about John Podesta’s “walnut saucing” emails. When they told me to put a mRNA science experiment into my body, and even took away economic opportunities and freedom of movement, I still said: not today, dumb Satanic trash bags. Not today, John Podesta and Fauci and Bill Gates.

The public wakes up.

Then these sad globalist Satanic trash bags get thrown out. They poisoned the planet, and they did it knowingly. There was, in retrospect, zero reason for a mRNA vaccine rollout. A “real” vaccine could have been offered to the public, as was done in Russia and China, but instead our malicious media gave us bad intel at every step of the way, culminating in what was — for all intents and purposes — a mandatory or forced vaxx.

They had no idea, supposedly, when designing the mRNA vaccines that the spike protein they were replicating in fact had a second stage prionogenic element, and may have been a bioweapon under development. (No one thinks it was a finished product, but it’s unusual to have a virus with a spike protein that seems so committed to generating prions in the nervous system tissue.)

If the spike protein is a novel bioweapon — even a prototype — the last thing you’d want to do is mass inject it into the old and young, or even worse, synthetic instructions for your body to create it and become a “prion factory.”

Of the 5 vaccines approved for emergency use in China, none of them are mRNA-based. 3 are based on inactivated viral DNA, the same as the vast majority of vaccines against viruses. About 250 million Chinese have been vaccinated so far, with relatively low side effect numbers.

In the USA and Europe, mRNA-based novel synthetic vaccines were pushed heavily, even on children in the United States — with Vice President Kamala Harris visiting schools, dancing around with a huge grin as the kids get jabbed. Wild betrayal of the public’s trust. At best, mRNA vaccines are still experimental therapy years away from primetime.

This wasn’t really a choice. The President, the Vice President, the entire corporate media and nearly the entire medical establishment NON-STOP FOR A YEAR told the easily influenced — including children and the elderly — how absolutely vital it was to get this in their bodies. And now they’re recording blood clots, strokes, and deaths at a level that is so sad. Three 9/11s worth of death in America just from the mRNA vaccines, and that’s only the official numbers. The actual numbers could be 10 to 100x higher.

If you didn’t take it, you’re an outcast. Economic opportunities, jobs, socializing — all shut out. But hey, I’d rather be alive and healthy than dead of a prion disease… why was this pushed on everyone??

Worst of all, from a psychology standpoint, the vaxxed did everything they were told by authorities — to a letter. The same people who were initially wiped out economically by the COVID19 lockdowns — the people with normal careers, the teachers, flight attendants, sporting events coordinators and so forth — all laid off for an extended period, forced to find new work.

Punished for being normies, when the pandemic favored cryptocurrency weirdos — making them wealthy in mere months — and introverts, preppers… these people suddenly became the vindicated middle of the road authority figures.

That’s gotta be painful for those who trusted our “masters” — Gates, Fauci, Podesta. In a way, reading those Podesta Emails (the WikiLeaks) years ago, even though so many of you dismissed me for it, it opened my eyes to the world: run by Satanic trash bags, people just like us, except they’re totally evil and have most of the world’s money. They see us as insects, and children as toys, and I’d never know those things if not for their WikiLeaks of five years ago. That changed my life, changed my worldview.

But the normies out there — this is your wakeup day. Now you feel as I felt: betrayed, alone. You’re not alone. Everyone is going to do the best they can to find a solution for this nightmare, we shouldn’t fight each other any more, we need to fight the powers that be in Big Pharma and at CDC/NIH who forced this nonsense on a once healthy nation.

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Russian vaccine data

Chinese vaccine data

“Sinopharm and Sinovac’s vaccines account for the bulk of shots given in China, which has so far inoculated 243 million people. […] Five vaccines have been approved for use in China. Unlike RNA vaccines being rolled out elsewhere, all can be stored in a fridge at 2–8 °C.”

Neurodegenerative aspect of COVID19 spike protein emerging

SARS-CoV-2 causes brain inflammation and induces Lewy body formation in macaques (Lewy bodies an indication of prion degenerative disease)

First postmortem of someone who had taken a single dose of mRNA vaccine then died, where researchers “found viral RNA in nearly all organs examined,” yet “did not observe any characteristic morphological features of COVID-19.”

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease


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