PURE EVIL: Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (VIDEO)

This is truly pure evil.
Pfizer was given the go-ahead this week from the CDC to give the experimental COVID vaccine to children.

Children have a greater chance of drowning, dying in a car wreck or dying from the flu than from the coronavirus.
Children are not forced to take the flu vaccine.

More children in Chicago have been shot this year than died from the coronavirus across the country.

But Pfizer sees a new market potential of one billion humans for their experimental product. And they’re going for it.

Pfizer released this disturbing ad telling children they’ll get superpowers if the get the COVID jab.
God, what sick, evil people.


Source:  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/pure-evil-disturbing-pfizer-ad-tells-kids-get-superpowers-covid-jab-video/

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