Replying to a Vaxx Pusher


A note from Robert B:

By discouraging people from getting vaccinated, you are contributing to the continued spread of Covid.  Because of you, people will fill up hospitals, people will develop long-term lung and neurological damage, businesses will not fully recover, people will remain unemployed, and people will die.  All because of you.  What the F[redacted] is Wrong with You?  You f[redacted]ing psycopaths.


We respectfully disagree.  The “COVID vaccine” does not prevent the spread of any disease, as is now admitted by even the vax pushers.  The current propaganda is that it reduces the severity of the alleged “Delta variant” — but, in our opinion, that is just a cover for vaccine injuries.

Huge levels of vaccine injuries.  During the 2009 Swine Flu Panic 45 million Americans accepted the jab and 53 died, that’s about 1 in 900,000.  The vaccine program ended.  Today at least 12,000 have died out of about 170 million jabbed.  That’s about 1 in 14,000.  Any humane health care system would stop the jab now.

There were in the USA about 77,000 more deaths in 2020 as in 2019. Where is the pandemic? What happened to the “seasonal flu”? Those who assert the benefits of vaccine pseudoscience should at least be able to cite peer-reviewed, placebo controlled studies in support of their assertions.  These EUA jabs do not have such science behind them.

On the other hand, we have over a century of experience with vaccines and those statistics show no benefit.  This chart summarizes what happened to the pandemic diseases over time as Community Immunity developed and when vaccines intervened.

Furthermore, our species has about 5,000 years experience with pandemics, since we’ve had cities and significant populations. They all follow the same pattern:  a novel pathogen hasn’t learned how to live in the human microbiome and some susceptible people get sick, some survive and develop immunity.  Others have mild or subclinical cases, developing immunity. Over time Community Immunity develops.

Over time newer variants develop but they are both less lethal and more easily spread, until the pathogen is endemic, not pandemic, and has learned to live in the human microbiome, not causing disease, but educating our immune systems, at least the immune systems of those who refused inoculation!

It is this natural process that has protected our species for millennia before the development of vaccine pseudoscience.  It is the terrain, not the critter, that matters.


Ralph Fucetola JD

Institute for Health Research

PS – We’d love to have you as a guest on the podcast Dr. Rima and I host to discuss your theories of disease and prevention.

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