Revealed: The Real Reason India Said No To The Pfizer And Moderna Jabs – Dr. Suneel Dhand [VIDEOS]

But among all the incentives, public relations, and marketing videos, one country continuously refuses to accept the drug by Pfizer or Moderna and up till now, the reason was completely unknown.

Although the COVID-19 drug is pushed and promoted in America, in India, the drug companies were turned away by the government due to their outlandish demands. In the video, which is featured below, Indian Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya was promoting the book launch of “A Nation to Protect” when he revealed the lack of accountability as the reason Pfizer and Moderna were denied.

Wanting the government to sign an indemnity clause, Pfizer and Moderna would have been untouchable against lawsuits if their supposed miracle drug killed or harmed any person. The health minister noted that it wasn’t wise for the people to accept their demands. But while Pfizer and Moderna were turned away, the country moved forward with their own COVID-19 drugs like Covaxin and Covishield.

The government also supported single-dose shots like Russia’s Sputnik and the one made by Johnson & Johnson.

Having revealed the reason behind the decision, Dr. Suneel Dehand discussed the news revealed by the Health Minister and the effects it had on India.


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